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Yet Another Patio Update!

Remember the fence you couldn’t see in those pictures on Friday?

Ta da!


Yeah, we’ve got to put the tools away, but still. Progress!  And there will be grass seed there, so that the lawn just goes up to the fence.  I spend a lot of time pulling up the old weed block fabric, so it should be fine.

We got rid of the pile of branches in front of the big tree:


Let’s not discuss how long they had been there

I decided that until I get that fountain/shrine of Yorkie commissioned and built, the bench can sit on the concrete pad as a Testicle Toss-watching perch.


Side story about that bench – back in the 70’s, my grandfather was the borough manager for their town. They replaced the benches in one of the parks in town, and he was able to rescue two of the old ones that were being discarded. They sat on the back porch at my grandparents’ house though my whole childhood and until he died in 1997. This one went to Mom and Dad’s house in Pittsburgh, then to their house in Maryland. From there, it went to our house in Richmond, and is now here in our backyard. I’m planning to strip and repaint it (possibly back to the yellow it used to be), and get a new plaque made for it. My uncle had one made that said “Walt’s Bench”, but it has gotten all rusty. I’m also going to put planters on either side of it and fill them with violas – my grandmother’s name was Viola. That way, they can both still be here with me, just a little bit. (She’s been gone almost 20 years, and he’s been gone 10. I still miss them both.)

Here are a few of the plants we pulled out – a friend asked if we could save them for him, so here they sit, waiting patiently for him to come get them…


Don’t they look lonely and forlorn?  I bet they would really like someone to COME GET THEM.  (Just kidding, man.  You know it’s totally cool.)

And if you are wondering what happened to all of the wood next to the concrete pad, it got moved.


Yes, it looks like crap, but it’s back in the corner behind a rhododendron where it really can’t be seen from the house or the patio, and is hopefully going to turn into a compost pile.

And since we got so far on the yard, Kris was itching for a little demolition work.


Look ma! No siding!  The electrician has to run conduit for the power for the hot tub, so we figured that it was better to get the wall done before he does that, so we don’t have to work around the conduit.  So, bye-bye siding!  The paneling will go up sometime this week.  For now, Kris is sacked out in his chair.  Can’t say as I blame him.

As for me, tomorrow I am off to Stitch DC for a class with one of the most kick-ass knitters aroundConfessions of a Knitting Heretic was one of the first knitting books I ever bought, and I am in love with most of the designs in Romantic Hand Knits, so I can’t wait to meet her!

10 comments to Yet Another Patio Update!

  • Woah. I’m exhausted just looking at all the work you guys did!

  • Impressive! And yeah Annie Modesit! I hope you have a great time!

  • amy

    Great work! One of these days, we’re gonna do something with this place. Meanwhile, the kid next door cuts the grass for $10/mow (he’s a STEAL! at that price) and fortunately the parentals left the house in good shape. If the damn shower would quit dripping, I’d be an almost totally happy camper.

    Still, I’m jealous of your home improvement. Way to go! 🙂

  • Whew! Looking awesome!! Have a great class tomorrow!

  • PooterP

    My back hurts..looking at all your work…I think I might have gotten a blister…Looks wonderful…enjoy your class you deserve it…

  • I love what you’re doing with the Testicle Toss watching perch! (Although I’m trying not to think the words “grandparents” and “Testicle Toss” in the same sentence. Ah crap, there, I just did.)

  • Busy!

    Looks like real amazing progress -yay!
    It’s coming along nicely and Kris is definitely the man LOL

    I was going to go to Stitch DC today but I have a test and 2 assignments/papers due that I (like a goof) should have completed already. (heh – maybe if I did actually sign up I would have done my homework wayyyy in advance hahahaha)
    Hope you are having a rocking time, and hope your wrists are feeling better!

    xo A

    PS – can we say Testicle Toss 3 times fast? *grinz*

  • I love the story of your bench. That’s so sweet!

  • Wow!! This has been a huge project you guys have undertaken… looks like it is coming along great!! I have to agree with some of the comments, I’m exhausted for you just looking at the pictures!!

  • I love the story about the bench!! You must really pass that on from generation to generation until the thing falls apart. At that time, it must be repaired and the process must continue!!


    BTW, I’m a bit somber right now because I FINALLY read the whole story behind the Hats for Alex project. I’m sooooo soo sad right now that I don’t even know what to say. All I know is you’ll start getting hats from me, too.