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Grab a Seat.

This is going to be a long one, I’m warning you. You might want to grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee or tea, and possibly take a potty break before starting.

OK, you ready? Really, go pee. I’m not kidding.

So, one of my goals on the cruise was to finally finish what I have been referring to as the Neverending Socks of Guilt. I started these for Kris last March. No, LAST March. As in 2007.


That’s right, these incredibly basic, toe-up socks took me over a year to finish. Why? No clue. I think I was just bored with them. I was to the gussets when Steph and I boarded the plane, and i had turned one heel by the time we got to Atlanta. I was officially on the cuffs when we got to Seattle, and from there it was just a case of getting them to a good length. That’s Knit Picks Memories in “Cape Cod”, the socks are based on Diamante from knitty.com, just without the patterning.

And if you are wondering, the guilt over these socks languishing was such that since I started them and until they were done, I’ve completed exactly two pair of socks, both Red Dwarf socks – one pair for me, and one for my SP 42MainSt.

Since then, however…


Meet the first-ever completed pair of socks in Emma‘s brand new Ramen Sock Yarn!


I started these on the cruise, since she was so lovely as to give me the yarn to test for her before we left, and EVERYONE was asking about them. I got lots of “Is that Noro Sock?” and the unanimous response when I told them it was Dragonfibers was “Is it available and if not when will it be?” Guess that answered her question as to whether people would like it, eh? (And she told me the other day that there should be some available soon. Like possibly today.) ETA: and to answer Zanti’s question, yes, it is noticeably softer than the Noro Sock.


The pattern is RPM from knitty, modified to be done toe-up (of course). I worked from both ends at the same time, so they striped totally differently. I love it! They also have my new favorite heel – the hybrid heel that Chrissy Gardiner taught in our toe-up heel class. It’s a toe-up heel flap with NO pickups! Perfect!


You can see from the end of the leftovers why I dubbed them Ramen Socks. Unfortunately for Emma, it sort of stuck, so I think she’s going to use it. Sorry about that, hon!


And now, I’ve started yet ANOTHER pair of socks – toe-up somethings (haven’t decided for sure yet, although I have an idea I may play with). This time, it’s in the C*Eye*Ber Fiber that we got in our goody bags – mine is “Aurora Borealis”. And yes, just like all the cool kids, I pounced on Illiane’s Emergency Knitting bags and got mine in the first wave. And she promises there will be more, even though she’s sold out at the moment. If you waited, you even get color options, because she’s adding blue and green to the line.

And now, the first yarn pr0n for this week (Thought I’d never get to that, didn’t you?)


What is that? Well, there was a minor miracle on the ship. Courtesy of a lesson from Sobeknofret, I can now use a drop spindle!!!


Malabrigo Lace, eat your heart out! Ok, maybe not quite, but I’m loving it anyway. That’s some Gale’s Art roving I picked up at MDS&W in “Sapphire”. Beautiful stuff, spins like a dream, as does the purpleheart Turkish drop spindle I also got at MDS&W. I’m kind of in love with it. I’ve even been spinning in public with it!

In celebration of my new-found capability with a drop spindle, I ordered myself a Bunny Spindle Bag from Julip Bags on Etsy. Isn’t it awesome? There is a vertical pocket inside that holds the spindle (whorl-up), and there is a TON of space for fiber, plus a nice long carrying strap.


Since I was doing so well with the spindle, Emma let me take a ride on Daniel when we got back to Seattle. Daniel is a double-treadle Louet Lendrum (Sorry Daniel!), and I’ve been considering getting a kit to convert Elphaba (my Ashford Traditional now has a name, by the way. Only took me two-plus years…), but didn’t want to do it without trying a DT first. About three seconds after I started, I looked at Emma and said, “I am so ordering the kit as soon as I get home.”

And I did!


(It’s installed and working, just not finished yet.) How well is it working?


Pretty well, I’d say! That’s some BFL I got from Emma a while back. Looooooove it.


It’s even, well, even! (OK, mostly…) I’m almost halfway through the first 4 oz. braid. Once I finish it, I’ll do the other 4 oz. on a separate bobbin and then ply them. I’m not sure what weight I’ll end up with, but I’m very happy with how it is working out so far.

When I ordered the spindle bag, I also got myself one of Amby‘s Everything-But-the-Knitting sock bag kits. (Amby = Julip Bags. I didn’t realize that until she commented in a blog post this week about adding totes to her Etsy shop, and I clicked to see what they were.)


And she’s not kidding – do you see all that stuff? It comes WITH the bag! There is a little pocket on the inside to hold the oh-crap-I-dropped-a-stitch crochet hook, plus the tin with the measuring tape, darning needle, scissors, stitch markers, and folding scissors, plus there is a detatchable wrist strap. The bag is gorgeous, and beautifully made, and the extras just make it that much more fabulous. Go see her – she’s also got some awesome knitting totes that I would probably have snagged if they had been available when I ordered. 😀

So, since the Aurora Borealis socks are my “Emergency Knitting”, what’s going in the new bag? (Warning, look away now if you are a member of the Rockin’ Sock Club and haven’t seen the latest shipment yet.)



I think this is the first time that I’ve been so enamored of the yarn AND pattern in a RSC kit that I wanted to wind it and cast on immediately. Can you blame me?


Look at all those purples! So rich and fabulous…


And the pattern is gorgeous too – it’s called “Cleopatra’s Stockings’ by Yarnissima. I think you’ll be seeing more of this very soon.


See, I told you it was going to be a long one! So, I think I’m caught up, other than the trip recap, which IS coming, I promise. I’ll see you Monday, maybe with some more handspun!

22 comments to Grab a Seat.

  • Kris can finally have warm feet! Yay! Now when are you casting on for his next pair? I believe you have some yarn called, um, Tortuga? Waiting for him? The ramen socks are awesome too. I just ordered a well-heeled sock batt from her earlier this week. Maybe next month I’ll get some of the ramen.

    Great spinning too! Elphaba is being used again! Yay!

  • Congrats on the completion of the Neverending Socks of Guilt! You were an awesome test knitter for the Ramen socks 🙂

    PS. Daniel would like to point out he is a Lendrum not a Louet. I’ve soothed his ruffled feathers with a tasty martini..shaken not stirred. Mmmmm martinis…;-)

  • Sobeknofret

    Awesome! Both the socks and the fiber look awesome! And aren’t the Julipbags amazing? My sushi bag is a Julipbag, and they’re wonderful. I’m going to have to order a spindle bag now…

  • Nice socks!

    Now with the extra treadle and the new spindle, I expect we’ll be seeing some spinning out of you!

  • I’m chugging through my own husband socks of doom, the ones I was working on at your house. I am to the second sock heel flap. Joy.

    The spinning looks good! I’m glad you’re finding the double treadle more comfortable! 🙂

  • Fab socks – I especially love the Ramen yarn! Has a Noro-ish look about it, but hopefully much softer? (That’s the only thing holding me back from getting any Noro.)

    Your spinning looks great! So even!

  • You are too sweet, you know that? 🙂

    LOVE the pics of the spinning, you make me want to do better!!!

  • Now I feel more guilty about my own pair of neverending-socks-o’-guilt. Except that they’re still in Atlanta.

    But yours are done and wonderful and YAY for Kris — he has socks now!

  • Damn you, now I need a sushi bag!

    Your socks all look great! *hugs* and *kisses*

  • Amby’s stuff beautiful. And she’s got those damn cute dogs to match.

    That STR is beautiful!

  • Ali

    Wonderful socks!! I am currently addicted to knitting socks. I’m using all my ArtyGal yarn, but boy, I want some of that Dragonfibers.

    Pam, your talents never cease to amaze me. Your spinning is awesome.

    For some reason your blog cuts off the first few lines of each para; is that Christine with you in the pic at the Seas Socks cruise? I’m jealous. 🙂

  • etcgirl

    Everyone comes across one of those sock knitting situations once in a while: the ones that appear to have everything going for them – nice yarn, simple pattern, good kharma in the going-to-others department – and still, they go all Brian Wilson for some reason.


    My current riders in the snore are a pair of easy-peasy toe-ups with simple side cables in a STR raven. One is done, and I s’pect it’s gonna be a while before #2 arrives. No idea why, but they just ain’t got that swing.

    Good for you for goosing them into being.

  • Tonia

    I guess that is why mister #14’s doesn’t have any socks on my needles- I don’t need anymore guilt!
    I love the STR this shipment- I haven’t done toe up. What cast on do you do? I want to start these socks.
    Have a great weekend.

  • oh my! so much awesomey goodness!

  • Jet

    That was a lot of fun to read and look at. Your spinning looks gorgeous and I could just EAT all that lovely sock yarn!

  • JulieM

    Congratulations on finishing the neverending socks! You are on a roll now. I am drooling over the RSC yarn — LOVE the purples!

  • Wow! See what a waking up a sleeping WIP project can do!! You’ve certainly gotten your sock mojo back! Those socks are gorgeous (both the first ones and the Ramen ones!). And I’m trying very very hard to resist all those cool bag linky links!!

    I love this months RSC shipment too!! So pretty!

  • PooterP

    First…I love the Ramen yarn…Second congrats on finishing hubby’s socks. I had a pair of socks on needles for almost as long about 13months. I was so glad to get them finished. Turtlegirl and you almost have me wanting to try spinning, but I have enough hobbies..AOT, jr

  • DROOL on that purple sock yarn. And Kris’ socks are very handsome.

    I’m intrigued by the heel-flap-no-pickup whateveryacalledit. I always knit top-down socks because I don’t like short-row heels. Clearly, I have much to learn.

  • AliceC

    Wow…..you really mean it when you play catch up!!! Congrats on serious productivity in the spinning, knitting and shopping departments:D

  • Wow, that’s the first STR club that has really jumped out at me. I hope it hits the website soon!

  • You were right. I probably should have taken a potty break before reading! All that awesomeness was almost too much for me!

    Both pairs of socks are awesome! I love the new bag with everybody but the kitchen sink in it. I am loving the purple yarn from the RSC, too.

    This was a great post.. I enjoyed it all!