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It Was a Good Weekend.

Truthfully, a VERY good weekend. I’m not good with the recapping, so I’ll probably leave that to Cristi or Amanda or Val.

The haul:


Top – an awesome sign that Betsy spotted today. I’m still debating whether it will go in the Oz-themed guest room or the kitchen (with my “Don’t make me get the Flying Monkeys” sign).

Next, L to R – a gorgeous batt from Loop, some Brooks Farm Solana, roving from Mama E (“Raspberry Ganache” colorway. Well-named. Makes me hungry every time I look at it.).

Across the middle, L to R – Three beautiful roving braids from Gale’s Art – “Sapphire”, “Potluck”, and “Gold Yellow”, more Brooks Farm – this is Ellie in two colors I plan to use to make Tempest, three colors of Neighborhood Fiber Arts sock yarn in “Capitol Hill”, “Grant Circle” and “Ward Circle”, and a Turkish Drop Spindle with a whorl made of purpleheart (my very very favorite wood. It’s PURPLE. NATURALLY!)

Across the bottom are 5 prints that will be framed and hung in my craft room. LOVED them. Laughed my way through that whole booth.

But the three best things I got this weekend weren’t things I bought – they were lovely thoughtful gifts from three totally kick-ass women.


The dragonfly is a spectacularly beautiful pin that Alice found and bought for me. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s so sparkly and lovely.

The sheepy pin is a Spartan Sheep (Eddie Izzard show reference) – Carrie bought one each for me, Jaime, and herself. He’s got the best expression on his face, and he’d totally shear himself with a rusty straight razor. 😉

The bag – you might have seen its twin on CPurl17’s blog a couple of weeks ago. Its creator mentioned that she was making another one for someone else going on SeaSocks. Yesterday, I had two huge surprises while at MDS&W. I got to meet Bezzie! (Sneaky little thing fibbed to all of us that she wasn’t going to be able to make it, all the while planning to come.) And she gave me the bag – I was totally floored that she made such a lovely, thoughtful gift for me. I think I showed it to everyone I saw for the rest of the day.

I have the kick-assingest friends. I’m one seriously lucky woman.

Also, one seriously tired woman. And there are four poker-playing guys who know WHY I am so tired. Raise the damn blinds once in a while, guys! Then maybe the game won’t last until almost 4AM…

17 comments to It Was a Good Weekend.

  • Looks like you had a fun weekend and are warmed up for the cruise! I can’t wait to meet you IRL! I’ll be the other cool chick with the coolest sock bag in town!

  • How fabulous was it that Bezzie surprised you all! Must have been so fun! How sweet that she made you that awesome project bag too!

    The haul looks pretty good! Love all the Brooks Farm yarns…can’t wait to see what you make with some of that!

  • That’s not a bad haul at all! I loved those prints–glad to see you picked up Bull-Sit. Hee hee! That was one of my faves!

    It was great meeting you!!!!!

  • Ooh, you got busy on Sunday! That Gale’s Art stuff is so awesome. I had to resist starting a bobbin of it last night. Thanks again for an awesome weekend!

  • You can tell I’m tired. I just said “awesome” twice in the space of three sentences.

  • May

    Love the prints. Want. Do they have a website?

  • Nice loot!

    That’s why we set a time limit on poker nights. We cut off play at say, midnight, and whoever has the most chips at that point wins. Otherwise, we’d be up until 3am. Ask me how I know this. 😛

  • Glad you all had a good time! 🙂

  • I am having serious MDSW jealousy. Glad you had such fun, and thanks for sharing all the goodies!

  • Jet

    Wow, awesome goodies. I happen to know that something great came back south for me, and I can’t wait to see it! Maybe next year I’ll get to come. I sure hope so.

  • Great haul!! SO glad you had a wonderful time! (I’ve been seeing other updates too1 ;op)
    Now catch up on your beauty res! :o)

  • PooterP

    I have a wonderful time this weekend. I am still recovering from Saturday night…But it was great fun.

  • what an awesome weekend! You’ve got some great peeps!

  • Here’s to good friends. Glad you enjoyed it all, chickie. You deserve it.

  • You deserve nothing less 🙂

  • amy

    I resisted the booth with the prints, and I’m not sure why. I picked up all their business cards … I guess I know the Hubster wouldn’t be too jazzed about me hanging that stuff up around the house. Oh well.

    Great to meet you, even if it was very briefly! 🙂

  • Yorkie

    I MAY have to steal that dragonfly pin.

    Consider this your warning.