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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Wow. Y’all Are Curious.

(And I know someone is going to call me out for using “y’all”…)

Anyway, those “metal things” on my porch aren’t actually metal. They are PVC pipe, painted silver. What are they? A game! Specifically, a game that a friend of ours invented called, erm, Testicle Toss.


Basically, you’ve got two of these ladders set up, sort of like in horseshoes, and two teams of two people each. One person from each team throws from each end. You are throwing what looks kind of like a bolo, made of two golf balls. Each rung has a different point value. And when they land on a rung and wrap the right way, erm…


Yeah. That’s how it got the name. 🙂

It’s very much a beer-drinking game, as you might have guessed. And it is always in attendance at EdFest.

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