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Week 2 Update

Weight: 224.2

Bust: 46 (no change)

Waist: 38 (up 1/2″)

Hips: 47 (up 1/2″)

Meh. Gained another 2 pounds this week, and gained back half an inch on both waist and hips. Honestly, I’m not surprised. I’ve been pretty good about working out, but I’ve really been eating for crap. Especially this weekend. Had a bit of a falldown in the junk food aisle at Target.

But! I have been working out, and I can feel a difference when I do the Evil DVD. I even noticed the other day while brushing my teeth that things around the middle are a bit less jiggly than they were. And I’ve been so busy getting ready for MDS&W that I at least haven’t been sitting on my butt.

So – for next week, I’m going to keep working out (probably aiming for a M-T-Th-F schedule, unless I feel particularly energetic tomorrow), and at least attempt to eat a little better. Which means that if any of you see me at Sheep and Wool with one of those giant eclairs, feel free to take it away from me. 😀

And just because my life is what it is, I was walking over to the couch just now to post this, and I managed to kick one of the handweights I use for the Evil DVD. Did I mention I was barefoot? So, yeah, the toes are a little sore at the moment. D’oh.

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2 comments to Week 2 Update

  • Jet

    I would never, ever take an eclair away from anyone…(it would be too likely to end up crammed into my own pie-hole!)

  • I sit here eating my Hershey Bar (a little soft–lightly melted) and feel bummed out that after two weeks of working out and sweating and suffering sore feet as a result (why?) I haven’t dropped a pound. Hmmm…
    good luck with that eclair. You can beat it!