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First Update!

So, it’s Tuesday which means two things: one, I weighed in this morning, and two, I’m headed over to my friend MorninglightMama‘s to work out with her. We’ve decided to do the Evil DVD together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

I know some people suggested that I not do measurements every week, but I fully expect them not to move for a while. I just know myself well enough to know that if I figure I’ll measure once a month, I’ll forget to do it when it’s time. So, I’m just going to get in the habit of doing it all once a week.

I was doing pretty well this week – I’ve done the dvd four times so far. I thought I was doing ok – I was getting less sore after each time, but yesterday was really discouraging. I felt like I had regressed to where I was the first day – no stamina at all. I had to keep taking breaks. It was really frustrating. I mean, I don’t expect to be doing it without effort yet (or ever, really), but it would be nice to see SOME progress.

What is the most frustrating to me is that I feel (whether it is true or not) like because I’m not really sore after working out, I’m not getting as much benefit from the workouts. Which makes the inability to finish one without stopping really irritating.

OK. Enough whining. Frustration or no, I’m going to keep working on this. I’ve got a new goal, though. I AM going to keep doing this until I can get through the level one workout without breaks. And then I’ll move on to level two and repeat. And then level three. I figure I’ll be able to do level three in, oh, three years or so? 😀

Now, to grab the tape measure.

Weight: 222.8 – Well, THAT moved the wrong direction… Not shocking – I haven’t been eating well.

Bust: 46 – So far, so good – no movement

Waist: 37.5 – Holy crap! That’s down an inch and a half!

Hips: 46.5 – Lost half an inch here, too!

OK, so maybe there has been a little progress after all. And honestly – I wrote all of this before I measured. I won’t deny that it has helped my mood a bit, though!

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