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A Call for Generosity

OK, I know that a lot of you responded when I posted about Erin‘s fundraising efforts (and thank you for that!!!), so I’m bringing another one to your attention.

Betsy is a dear, dear friend.  She and I met because our husbands went to Penn State together, and I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten to know her.  We have such a blast when she comes to visit (We’ve done Stitches East together the last two years, and she’s coming up for MDS&W this year!!).

Anyway, Betsy and her hubby are both doing the Team in Training program and are going to be running the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage, AK in June.  For those of you who don’t know the Team in Training program, they run to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Betsy’s personal goal is $5,100.  Check out her blog and see the goodies she’s got up as prizes for those who donate.  It’ll be worth your while, I promise!!

4 comments to A Call for Generosity

  • Yay Betsy!

    I know this charity well – my FIL died of leukemia in 2003. I’m onboard because Betsy rocks!

  • I did my part! On behalf of Tanner Chase who died from cancer when he was just 10 months old 🙁

  • For you, I’ll click on over!

    I did Team in Training many years ago but sadly, I injured myself (crutches and all!) after the half marathon and never made it but I can appreciate how much hard work goes into this effort. Go Betsy!

  • So cute you Lower 48ers. You gotta call it what the locals call it and what the tshirts will probably say: The Mayor’s MIDNIGHT SUN Marathon. June 21st! It’s a big day! After the 21st it’s all downhill in the light department!

    I clicked and donated what I could. Not so much for the leukemia aspect but because touristas like her are what keep my people going 😉