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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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I am Iron Pr0n!

(Anyone else headbanging right now? Clearly, I’ve been spending too much time with Rock Band…)

OK, not ACTUALLY iron, but I picked this up at Rainy Day Creations with Aimee with a plan to make KelpKnit’s Ironwork socks (Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!). Opal sock yarn in a lovely heathery sagey green. 🙂

Also, I have discovered the coolest headphones ever. See, I can’t wear regular earbuds. Apparently, I have freakishly small ear canals or something, because earbuds don’t stay in (and they hurt), and any in-ear earphones (like the ones with little switchable covers) are still a little too big, even with the smallest covers on them. I have a pair of earphones with covers that squish down and then expand to fit your ears, and they work pretty well, but they block my ears so strongly that I can’t hear anything other than my iPod. Behold the solution:

The Outi earphones. I ordered them from Think Geek, and I am in love. They clip to the cartilage on the outside of your ear, and use the cartilage to transmit the sound to your ears, without blocking them from outside noises. And they WORK! I can pop them on, listen to music, and still hear everything around me. Freaking awesome!

I’ve made some progress on the Fair Isle cardigan – I bound off the body yesterday! This weekend, I’m going to steek for the sleeves, and hopefully get them started. I’m going to try to get some pictures of the steeking process (You’re welcome, Betsy. 🙂 ), but I may have to resort to a tripod and timer, because Kris’s work schedule today is looking a little… ugly. Either way, I should have pics on Monday.

Happy weekend!

ETA: And WordPress is making me a little insane. It keeps squashing together paragraphs, and I can’t figure out why. Things are spaced out correctly when I am writing them, but when I post, they go all stupid.  Really, really annoying…

12 comments to I am Iron Pr0n!

  • Why would you want to hear anything around you? 😉

  • The ironworks socks are so pretty! That yarn will be perfect !!

  • oooh pretty green!

    I’m gonna go check out those earphones! they look awesome!

  • Ambala

    I have the same problem with earphones, I gotta go check these out! Thanks for posting about them!

    Can’t wait to see the steeking!

  • OMG those are the most gorgeous socks! They’ll look awesome in that color 🙂

    And I think I am gonna have to get a pair of those earphones. Coolest thing ever.

  • I have the same troubles with headphones fitting! Except when I use them I usually *want* to block out outside sounds. When wordpress won’t space paragraphs for you, you can flip over to the code side and do it yourself. Just add the tag (but without spaces) when you want the blank lines to be.

  • I was waiting for some green after all that pink. 😉 You’re much braver in the sock department than I am. I love those earphones–I’ve got the same problem. thanks!

  • Very cool headphones. 🙂

  • Kindred spirits we are – I too apparently have freakishly small ear canals and have been considering those very same earbuds – I am SO glad you tried them and love them! Off to my happy place (aside from the various yarn related ones) Think Geek.

    And that sock yarn? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • rebel26

    Dude! I need to get a pair of those. I’ve totally given up on any kind of i-pod thing because ear buds hurt so much (tiny ear holes I guess), but those are cool!

  • WANT! I have a hard time wearing ear buds too. I must have those. Awesome.

  • Chris

    Your wordpress problem with paragraphs isn’t wordpress per se, it’s the CSS (cascading style sheet) you are using for the page (called ‘style.css’ within the ‘juicy-10’ style). If you wish to edit that style, you may like to change the following statement:

    margin: 0 0 1.2em;

    which is located on line 45 within the ‘p’ block, by altering the first ‘0’ to read ‘1em’ instead (e.g. ‘margin: 1em 0 1.2em;’).