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Rhinebeck update

OK, first things first – Alke asked about the purpose of the box I was carrying in that first Rhinebeck picture. It was on its way to the Great Adirondack Yarn Company booth, because they volunteered to act as a dropoff spot for contributions to my Hats for Alex project. Between the box, MaryBeth Temple’s collecting at the Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Yarns booth, people who tracked me down, and what I’ve gotten in the mail in the last week, the current tally for this year is…

291 hats!!!!That’s right – we’ve officially made the goal of 250 I set for this year! Thank you all so much for making this project a success! And don’t forget – you can still get in on Weezalana’s contest if you get three hats to me by the end of October.

As far as the rest of the weekend, it was so amazing. I’m not sure I can really put it into words. There were so many people I’ve wanted to meet for so long (including some who I didn’t recognize at first… sorry about that, RosiG! I blame the yarn fumes for that…), and some I’d met before who I was thrilled to see again. The food was incredible – we found apple cider doughnuts that were SO yummy, some of the best hot cocoa I’ve ever had, the obligatory fried and French artichokes, fried pickles, and fried garlic cloves. I was pretty well-behaved on the fiber front – I bought one more hank of the purple alpaca/silk that I bought from Ellen’s Half-Pint at Stitches so that I have enough to make an Icarus shawl, and I bought four hanks of Brooks Farm Solana to make Cherie Amour. And that’s it. (Well, ok, I also bought an amazing handwoven basket, a curly purpleheart lucet, and some matryoshka stitchmarkers, plus a couple of dragonfly buttons, but that was all the yarn I bought.) And I didn’t buy any fiber at all – I’m not allowed until I actually get through some of what I already have. Here’s hoping I can be that reserved at SAFF next weekend…

15 comments to Rhinebeck update

  • I’m so glad you had such an awesome time. Wish I coulda been there. Maybe next year. If I’d had my act together a little more I’d-a-sent a Hat for Alex along with Etcgirl and the rest of my homies who went (jealous much? Nah, not broke lil ol’ me), but time got away from me, so I’ll be mailing one soon instead, probably on the weekend. Just one, not three, and it won’t get to you in time to qualify for the contest, but I still want to contribute.



  • I got a line on some beautiful hand dyed roving that you’ll be breaking that promise over first thing on Saturday.


  • whichendisup

    It was really nice meeting you Pam. You are so very nice — and hot damn woman you can knit a shawl! =D Glad I could get a few hats done by the weekend, as soon as my size 7’s are free I’ll be casting on for the 2008 collection. Perhaps I should go buy a pair strictly for this knitting? Just to jog your memory, I’m chic in the orange shirt helping Michelle hold up Jesh’s beautious shawl in your DH’s pics.

    have fun at SAFF,

  • *dances* I met Pam, I met Pam!! I loved every minute that I spent with you, even when you were following me. 🙂 And that hubby of yours? What a cutie!

  • As always, wonderful to see you! I’m currently debating if I can make it down to SAFF this weekend without going insane. NC is a long drive.

  • Yay! Congrats on the hats! Maybe we can hit 300!!!!

  • I suck–my hats are still sitting on my coffee table waiting for my lazy ass to put them in the mail. This week, I promise!

    And I’m so glad you had a great time at Rhinebeck! i watched your photoshow–it was almost as good as being there!!!

  • LoL yeah I definitely see a spin-in in our future… So glad you made your goal and thensome! I need to make some hats, will do that as soon as the show is over…

  • Congrats on the hats!!! That is awesome!!!

  • etcgirl

    Best. Fibre. Weekend. Evah.

    Awesome to get to hug you in person. Kris did some smash photography work, too.

    Hopefully we shall get to share a zip code again before too long, darling.

    XX’s and OO’s,

  • Ava

    congrats on the hats! can’t wait to see the yarn purchases!

  • Magatha

    Sweet. 😉

  • YAY!!! 291 HATS!!!

    You’re amazing my friend, a true inspiration to me and the rest of us here!


    miss and love you.

  • Congratulations on meeting the goal!!! That’s awesome 🙂

    And I’m so glad you had a great time at Rhinebeck!

  • No worries. 🙂

    I was traveling incognito in a Kangol Kap and black shades. No WAY you coulda recognized me! 😛