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Rhinebeck Pics

I’ll get to the recap soon (I hope – I’ve got to prep to head down for SAFF!), but I uploaded the pictures Kris took this weekend to Flickr.

(Click on the picture to go to the photoset)

What an amazing weekend. So many awesome people, such fantastic weather. Such fabulous yarn and fiber. Loved it.

13 comments to Rhinebeck Pics

  • Wish I’d been able to go this year. 🙁 Maybe next year we’ll be in a better financial condition . . .

  • Thanks a million for this beautiful impression of Rhinebeck. Beeing in Europe I’ve only heard about it, but you both really catched the spirit on your pictures!
    I am though, left with a few questions….
    What was destined to leave in the box you were carrying 😉 ?
    When did you arrive there – 4 am ?? There are NO people yet in the first pictures… lol

    And : It really struck my how much your husband must love you. Your featured beautifully as Alice in Wonderland in his photographes… it really, really shows!
    Again, I’m awestruck – you really could sell the whole festival with this reportage…

  • Glad you had a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will pretend that there are not unflattering pictures of me in there 😉 then again, I’m also pretending that there is such a thing as a flattering picture of me.

    I loved meeting you and only wish that I could’ve stayed and chatted longer. Next year! Or maybe… Maryland Sheep and Wool? >:D

  • Hehe! I clicked through last nite! How cool!! 4 more days! 🙂

  • Jo

    Glorious pics – I would even say that qualifies as your blogstalking post!

  • OH PAM!

    You look so happy and so beautiful! So Beautiful!

    You’ve got a great man! I could only dream of having mine come to an event like this with me! And to enjoy it?!?! WOW!

  • Magatha

    Thanks for the beautiful slide show! It’s amazing how many knittys I ‘recognize’. You all looked like you had a great time, and a tiring time! (I never could have managed it.)
    Three images stay with me: Deep Fried Pickles!, Fall leaves upstate and adorable Pam and her Charlotte’s web shawl.
    The pic with the drop spindles was pretty cool too.

  • Great bunch of photos! I didn’t realize who you were at the hotel. I knew your face but I couldn’t place the name. Sorry.

  • SO wonderful seeing you again! and yes, I think you should ake thise dragonflies permanent. They are beautiful and so you. 🙂

  • MBT

    The photos are great – except maybe for that first one of me with my prominent double chin that I am in denial about :-0 The Kid and I miss you already!

    Mary Beth

  • Looks like y’all had enough fun for me too LOL

    Great piccies, of course. The Man needs to be given mad props as usual.

    See you Thursday. *hugs*

  • I saw you! Your crocheted shawl was a traffic stopper. I also love your laugh.