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To Distract You…

…from yet another week without WIP pictures (I’m almost done with the SP project, so normal pictures should resume next week), allow me to share with you the fabulousness that is my final Knittyboard SP9 package, which arrived today (OK, I picked it up today. My mailman tried to deliver it yesterday, but I wa mid-haircolor and couldn’t answer the door.). Warning – LOTS of pictures ahead.

When I pulled off the wrapping, I found this, which just tickled me so much that I had to take a picture:


Yes – that would be a Bran Flakes box. Sounds better in French, doesn’t it?In the box? These lovely tissue-wrapped packages, along with a card that said “Please open me first” and a small box labeled “Please open me last.”

The card:
Particularly amusing to me, as I went to college in the middle of Amish country. 😀 The inside was a lovely sweet note that just made me smile so much. Package #1 – Peeps notecards. Too freaking cool. And she has a set of her own as well. 🙂
Package #2 – A bag of 8 oz. of the loveliest green and white (color “Lichen”) 80/20 Merino-Silk. The note on it: “I bought this bag of gorgeous fibre on impulse at a funky little shop that sells health food and spinning supplies (?!?) while on ski holiday. I don’t spin. And I was being clueless to think I could afford to pay someone to spin it for me, when an equivalent amt of the same laceweight is only $40. The color screamed YOU! Enjoy!” Yeah… I think she was dead-on about that color. 😀

Let’s get a closeup of that, shall we?

Package #3 – The most beautiful Odessa hat I’ve ever seen. In the perfect colors, with the perfect beads, and in the softest alpaca imaginable. I really, really hope it gets cold enough for hat weather soon.

Package #4 – This beautiful bag. Per the note: “These bags are produced by a local indie artist I run into at shows sometimes.” The fabric is so soft, and it’s such great colors! I have a new knitting bag!

Package #5 – Possibly the most intriguing item in the whole bunch. The note: “I know it sounds like an odd combination, but seriously? You’ll do someone bodily harm to get more once you try it. I already won’t tell friends where I buy it, for fear that they will go and clear it all out from under me.” Truly, I cannot WAIT to try it.

And in the final package, the one labeled “Please open me last.”

She had warned me that she had put her head together with Cristi to come up with the reveal, so I wasn’t entirely shocked to see the Oz theme. :)Inside the tin:
And behind the curtain:

Etcgirl! Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweetie. You have truly spoiled me rotten and made me feel like such a princess this entire round. And I cannot wait until Rhinebeck, because I get to meet you in person!!!

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