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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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Massively Multipurpose Catch-Up Post

First of all, happy birthday to… me! That’s right – as of today, I am 34 years old. Maybe one of these days, I’ll even get around to growing up. (Oh, stop laughing. I didn’t say it was likely.)

Second – check out that Hats for Alex counter! Since Weezalana started her contest, I’ve gotten 32 hats! And today’s mail isn’t here yet, so I’m betting I’ll be adding to that tally again later.

Third, there was much curiosity over the cellphone charm I was going to make for Kris. Well, he was going to sacrifice a D20 (that’s a 20-sided die, used for Dungeons and Dragons, for you less-geeky-than-me types), but the more he looked at it, the more he realized that the ones he had were just a little too big. He did discover one on Etsy that was made with an older, smaller D20, but figured he didn’t really need it. Yeah, whatever. So, I convo’ed the seller, and she had some other colors available. She made two of them for me – the blue is for Kris and the green… yeah, that’s for me. 😀 Go check out her other stuff – it’s really cute!

I had a great weekend – Amanda decided a while back that I needed to have a birthday party, so she came up Saturday morning and we cooked and laughed (and, um, perhaps had some wine) and then some other folks came over for the afternoon/evening. There was lots of Wii-ing and we really had a great time. Sunday, we went over to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Amanda and I both got henna tattoos (pics to follow when Kris uploads them), and we watched some shows, ate some food, and had a little mead.

So, a while back, if you were reading my blog (which was of course still on Blogger back then), you might remember some activity about blogstalking. There was a group of folks from the Knittyboard who decided to post according to a theme each week. It eventually died off. However, OLPP decided that it needed to be revived, and I figured I’d join in again. It was a lot of fun last time, and hopefully this will encourage me to post more than just WIP Wednesdays (lame as they have been lately) and Yarn Pr0n Fridays. Due to the parental visit and prep for the party, I’m a bit behind, so we’ll be doing two weeks at once.

So, Week One is “Who Am I?”

I am a wife, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, but not a mother, which breaks my heart on a daily basis.

I am a very good knitter and crocheter, and a newbie spinner who knows she’d get better if she ever practiced.

I am a collector. I have collections of cookbooks, Wizard of Oz memorabilia, and Marvin the Martian stuff. I also have a habit of needing to complete collections even if I’ve lost interest (hence the continued purchases of Xanth books even though the series has been really repetitive for some time now)

I’m a geek. I love fantasy novels and movies, and I still enjoy the occasional game of D&D with my hubby.

Most of all, I’m happy. I really am. Are there things I’d change about my life if given the opportunity? Probably. But the truth is that I’m in a place where my life is good. I adore my husband, we’re healthy, my parents are healthy and happy, I have great friends, and I have opportunities to pursue my hobbies and interests.

Week Two is a much simpler proposition: Purse Guts. This one was kind of fun. And yes, I played honestly – I didn’t clean it out first!

My purse (Thank you, Target. I love a cute, cheap purse!):

PurseThe front pocket – my wallet, my fingerless gloves (thanks, SP!), my iPod, headphones, my keys (see the sheep key cover? Thanks again, SP!), THREE lip glosses (remember that…), a roll of Tums, a pen (which is usually clipped to one of the rings at the base of the handle, but got put in my purse at some point), and some stuff from the RennFest – my old horns (I bought new ones this year to match my hair), the program, and the care instructions for my henna:

PurseFrontPocketThe back pocket – lint remover stickies, a spare pair of contacts (I wear daily disposables, and I’ve had them rip at very inconvenient times), the silica gel pack which apparently never got taken out of the bag, some wet wipes from heaven knows where, my makeup bag, my travel container of Mineral Veil (love my Bare Minerals!) and my pocketknife with my discount cards from various stores.

PurseBackPocketYou know how I said to remember the three lip glosses in the front pocket? This is why. Here are the contents of the makeup case – EIGHT more lipglosses, a mini mascara (DiorShow – way expensive, but damn it’s good stuff), a mini mirror, and a sample jar of Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying Gel.

MakeupBagI may have a minor lipgloss addiction. Someday I’ll have to show you the rest of it…And in the little back zipper pocket on the back side – 2 packs of gum.

PurseBackZipperAnd you might remember that whole “Which STR should I use for my second Charlotte’s Web shawl” thing. Amanda sat down in my craft room Sunday morning and played with my STR and came up with this:

Peaseblossom, Titania, Fire on the Mountain, Firebird, and Knitty Rocks.
I think we have a winner! As soon as I finish up the project I’m working on for my SP, I’ll get started on it. Yay!

27 comments to Massively Multipurpose Catch-Up Post

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I, too, love lip gloss. Though I never seem to have one when I need it!!! And those yarns are making me drool!!

  • I understand the lip gloss addiction – mine’s to lip balm. Happy Birthday!

  • happy birthday! he he he I am sooooooo glad I’m not showing off the inside of my purse.

  • Happy Birthday, sweetness! Yours is one of my favorite blogs, and I’m happy to see you celebrating!
    Ok. I have Bare Minerals, too, and it gets to be SO MESSY. Do you have any helpful hints to keep the powder from sneaking out of the little peep holes?
    I love the mint bath & Body Works lip gloss! My daughter constantly tries to borrow mine for days at a time.
    Happy Birthday again, lovely!

  • I am the same way about lippy (as my Scottish friends call it)…and that’s something I didn’t post about in mine. I have an organic mint chapstick, 2 glosses from Mary Kay, and the cinnamon C.O. Bigelow.
    Mmmm mmmmmm…!

  • I’m a “lipshit” girl too. Gloss, balm, stick, pencil and stain. All there in my bag in some form or other.

    Happy Birthday Pam!!!! I’m glad to see you celebrate for more than just one day.

    More hats will be coming your way when I remember to bring them to the office to mail off. Yes, I’m a dork.

  • Happy Brithday!!

    I hope there’s a yummy cake ahead!


    LOL – I’m a lip gloss junkie, too. Although I only carry one or two in my bag at a time.

    Yay on the hat count! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!!!! I think you have a definite winner with those yarn selections. It’s going to be so beautiful!

  • Happy Birthday!!!! I love your choice for the shawl!!

    And have a lovely Birthday!

  • Is that Mint Mojito Orbit gum? I have the same flavor in my purse too, which makes my sis gag every time I offer her a piece. Not my favorite flavor but I had to try it.

  • Happy happy birthday!!!

  • Happy Birthday! Love the new choice of STR for CW#2. It’s a winner!

    Happy happy birthday! I hope you get my package soon. I mailed it a week ago!

  • Jo

    Happy Birthday, Pam! I think you are the only one I know who would have horns in her purse!

  • Happy Birthday!!!! Love the new color choices!! Interesting items in yer purse!! 🙂


    Yay lip gloss!

  • woot! Happy Birthday to youuuuu!! I love that description on etsy for your cell phone charms. Too funny. If you’re going to buy from someone, buy from someone with spunk! 🙂 I had fun peeking into your purseguts!

  • Heh… knew I liked you… GO MARVIN!!!!

    Oh.. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!!

  • bezzie

    Happy (late) birthday!

    I’ve got about 10 hats for Alex, but I probably won’t send them until November/Decemberish. Gotta fill the shoebox up!!!

  • Happy Birthday! I’m surprised I’m not seeing more lint rollers in knitter’s purses. Hah! I use them at home all the time and have to vacuum up around my knitting and winding area every other day.

  • Rhi

    Welcome to the fray! Love the idea of a D20 as cell charm…think a really tiny D10 might make a good charm on a stitch marker?

    Also, wows. That is a lot of lip gloss right there.

  • I know exactly what to get you for your birthday!


  • From one big geek to another: Hooray Geeks!!!!!

  • TrixieG

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! 34, woohoooooooooo!! Loving the Target purse – super cute! I love Target. I have the same B&Bworks mint lip gloss. Love it! Have you tried the cinnamon? Yummers.

  • Happy Belated Birthday! I love the target bag – yay for cheap bags! We do need a lip-stuff support group, don’t we? As for the secret behind all the Tide-To-Go pens, they are AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve found any food stuff that they can’t get out, even spaghetti sauce came out. I’m a bit of a clutz with my food, I’m always tipping something over on myself or splattering myself, so I don’t go anywhere without it. You just rub it on the stain and the stain dissapears, or at least lightens enough that strangers aren’t seeing how clutzy I am. You have to deal with the wet spot for about 10 minutes, but I’d rather have a wet spot on my tee for 10 minutes that a permanent spaghetti stain.

  • Definitely a winner – I love that colour combo!

    EIGHT LIP GLOSSES! My lord, I think that goes beyond addiction ;).