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YPF – Williamsburg, Week Two

Today, we have some lovely Claudia Handpaints Linen in “Blue Fields”

DSCN6493 DSCN6494 DSCN6495 DSCN6496
Isn’t it gorgeous? I just picked up a copy of Folk Style today, and I’m thinking that the lovely green shawl in there (Kate Gilbert’s “Paisley Shawl”) might be the destiny of this yarn.Oh, and regarding the blog post title from the last post? It wasn’t size that Steph was talking about so much as… um… on-display-ness, if you will. 😀

Charlotte’s Web is still cranking along – I’m almost to the point of doing the final color by itself, and then I just need to do the crocheted edging and block it!

Speaking of blocking, did I remember to tell you about my Mystery Stole? I wore it on Friday, including out to dinner Friday night in Philly. When we got back to the hotel and I tossed it onto the bed, I looked at it and thought it looked odd. It was so hot and humid that night that my stole started to UNBLOCK! I kid you not – the straight section is now narrower than the wing, and the edges are curling a little. Annemarie and I cracked up. So, it’s time for another wash and block. I’m wondering if I can pin and spritz or steam instead of doing a full-on wash, though, because the wing still looks good.

12 comments to YPF – Williamsburg, Week Two

  • Zonda

    Beautiful! I didn’t know they carried it! Phew, I thought you were going to say you lost the MS3..

  • Bezzie

    Oh wow, I’ve never heard of lace unblocking! But I guess with weather like that it makes sense.

    Purty Claudia’s!

  • steph_knits

    That’s right! Half of both boobs were showing. That’s what I meant. 😀

    Pretty yarn, but it’s prettier in person. I think I’m going to have to start doing YPF with all the yarn I picked up in Philly…

  • PocketSize

    That colorway is so pretty. Stupid me and my trying to “branch out” with my colors. I ought to know to stick to black, blue, and purple…

  • buttercup

    OOOhhhhh! Very purty! I wanted to look at the Claudia silk Craig had on the counter at Loop, but it was so busy at the register that I never got to it. Which is a good thing since I really would have just been purchasing for the collection. 😉

  • Kelly

    Wow – now that is a beautiful yarn! It looks good enough to eat, but then I’d be eating Linen, and I don’t think that’s very good for you.

  • Rebel

    Wow – I’m absolutely drooling over that yarn… somethng about the muted colors, very very pretty. – zuma

  • Lauren

    That is beautiful! I love the colors and it looks very smooth.

  • gretchen

    that is some gorgeous yarn……

  • turtlegirl76

    You know, I don’t have any Linen in my stash. Amazing. That stuff is gorgeous!

    Unblocking? Really? That’s extraordinarily odd. Was it humid in Philly? Could it have anything to do with that?

    Sorry I couldn’t talk long earlier. I was in couch nap mode and kinda tired.

  • Congrats on your new bloghome and thanks for the excruciatingly lovely pix of the Claudia linen. I really didn’t need to know about that.;)

  • Lin

    That yarn is such a gorgeous colour!