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"I took one look at her boobs and thought ‘She’s not with us’"

AKA – Philly Knittyfest ’07. (I’ll explain that title in a bit.)

I was going to write a big long post about the weekend, and recap everything, but then I thought about it. It’s about as much fun to read a blog post like that as being forced to sit through your neighbor’s vacation slides. And I was having too much fun to ever get my camera out, so I don’t even have pictures to show you! Instead, I’m listing all the people who were there (and if I miss you, it’s not intentional! I’m still wiped from the weekend – just leave me a note and I’ll add you) with links to those with blogs and (hopefully) pictures.

Just know that is was an amazing weekend, we laughed ourselves silly, and are already planning to do it again next year. Very possibly in DC. Very possibly organized by yours truly. *Gulp*

The PFK’ers, at least vaguely in the order of their appearance (from my perspective):

I miss you all already, and I can’t wait for Stitches, or Rhinebeck, or SAFF, or SeaSocks, or whenever I get to see you again. And if you are ever in DC, PLEASE call me.

And before we get to the WIPs for the week – that title. There was enough silliness going on that we decided Friday night that the quotables needed to be written down so we didn’t forget them. The lovely knittingkitty had that job. There were many times through the weekend where someone said something, and it was immediately followed by laughter and a cry of “Emma! Write that down!”

Anyway, we were walking from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar to lunch. (OH MY GOD, Rosie’s. The space is small, but it doesn’t have that overcrowded feeling that small stores can have, even with all of us stuffed in there. And the ladies who run the place are total gems. Really, really nifty. I am definitely going to stop and see them at Stitches East.) At one point, a few people made it across a street before the light changed, and some of us were on the other side. When the light changed, we started across. There were two women who had been waiting on the other side and were now crossing toward us. Erica commented to Stephie that she almost said something to one of them, thinking they were part of the group and were going the wrong way. Steph’s response? That would be the title of this post.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled WIP Wednesday post, with a little SP9 action to boot!

First – the Chevron Scarf. Still chugging along. I just started the second ball of each color.

The Tess Ribbon Clapotis – I’m just about done with hank #2 of 3 (you can see what’s left of it in this picture, so that gives you an idea)

And a newcomer to the WIP list – my Charlotte’s Web Shawl.

This is something I’ve been planning to do for ages. It came up in various conversations that Chris, Shannon, and Cristi were also all planning to do it, so we decided to have our own little Knit-Along for it once MS3 was finished. Chris and I cast on together at Loop on Saturday, and this is how far I am. The way the pattern works, you do 16 rows in color A, 16 rows of alternating 2 rows of Color A with 2 rows of color B, 16 rows of color B, 16 rows of alternating color B and color C… and so on. I’m halfway through the 16 rows of color D. The FOURTH color. People, this is one seriously addictive knit. The colors are posed there above the shawl from A-E, left to right. It’s all Koigu KPPPM, but I don’t know all of the color numbers, because I lost some of the ballbands.

Monday, as if the weekend hadn’t been awesome enough, parcel #2 from my amazing Knittyboard SP Mostly Harmless arrived. She had the nerve to call this a “small” parcel. She’s nuts!

That’s a hank of Fleece Artist Silk Rumple in a spectacular green, with a pattern for a lovely shawl, a DPN holder, a beautiful pewter shawl pin from PurlGrey (that of course will be fab with the Rumple shawl, because she’s thoughtful like that), chocolates, and a key cover thingy that is a BLACK SHEEP! How funny is that? It makes me smile every time I look at it. Thank you, sweetie! You are the best!

And a little closeup of that fabbo Silk Rumple. Seriously gorgeous stuff.

Happy Wednesday, and I’ll see you for Yarn Pr0n Friday!

16 comments to "I took one look at her boobs and thought ‘She’s not with us’"

  • C

    If I had known you were so close I could have met you at Rosies! =(

    Your Charlotte’s Web Shawl is beautiful, the colors you chose will be awesome!

  • weezalana

    I wish I lived on the easy coast! 🙁

    Oh wow, I LOVE the colors of the Clapotis. And the Charlotte’s Web shawl looks amazing!

    *runs off to find that key cover*

  • Bezzie

    That was a great wrap up post. Not too vacation-slidey, but just enough to capture the feeling of being there.

    Love the CWS! I love watching these mini-KALS progress on the blogs.

  • Jo

    So what are they inferring about Knitters’ bra sizes?!?!

    Great projects – and I am so upset I didn’t get to go up to Philly to see everyone. I looked at your list and saw my downstream SP was there – I could have surprised her with the last package!

  • PocketSize

    Wow! I’m glad you had so much fun!
    What a spectacular gift package 🙂 I definitely need to keep my eyes peeled for a key cover like that!

  • Valerie

    I love Rosie’s! It’s the highlight whenever I have to go to Philly for work.

    Glad to hear you’re going to Rhinebeck! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Y’all – they key cover came from Urban Outfitters! Should be easy to find 😉

    Pam, I couldn’t possibly get you the Beryl STR that was on your dreamlist, so the next best thing was something silky in a colour as close to Beryl as I could find.

    The hard part about all this SPing is that I have parcel #3 all ready and sitting here for me to gaze upon, and I have to wait to send it!! That one will be a “big” parcel.

    Oh, and the fact that all the Knitties I know IRL know that I am your upstream, and are going absolutely mad with the not telling when you write posts that rave about your goodies! I get, like, five times the “whoo” for the price of one!

    Mostly Harmless “Marie”

  • buttercup

    Holy Freeking Crap you got far on the CW! I got to alternating colors 1 & 2, had 10 stitches in two areas of the 8 stitch repeat and then dropped a stitch… I ripped it all out.

    Then I goofed up somewhere else and ripped and started over again. Now I’ve finished color 1 and will start the alrernating with color 2.

    Are you trying to beat Turtlegirl on this one or what? 😉

  • Momma Monkey

    Oh I’m swooning with delight at your shawls !!

    I wish I could knit lace like that and not want to attack people with my needles in anger 😉

    You have such an eye for color !!

  • turtlegirl76

    That Clapotis is absolutely gorgeous. Is the Chevron Scarf a yarn eater or what? I didn’t even finish one ball each of the Lorna’s Laces on the Jaywalker and look how long mine is! Better be careful on that. Else you’ll have a Chevron Who Scarf.

    I love your Charlotte’s Web colors. Now slow down, woman!

  • Bobbi

    what a great package!

  • Kelly

    Oh my gosh – that yarn for the charlotte’s web shawl is heavenly!

  • kelp!

    Oooh, love that Clapotis! I totally poo-pooed the ribbon yarn at the tess booth (hell, I snagged it on some dry skin while in in the booth), but it looks really awesome here!

  • Zonda

    Hehe..you’re beating Cristi! Well, not that it’s a competition or anything LOL! The Phillyfest looked like a blast! That Clapotis is going be awesome!!

  • Penny Karma

    Who was lookin at whose boobs?

  • OMG I am so in love with the Clapotis you are knitting. I have GOT to get to a Stitches/Rhinebeck/Sheep&Wool Fest type of thing. 🙂