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WIP Wednesday – Here Be Dragons

Well, almost-dragons, anyway.

The Emerald is all assembled and just waiting for his eyes to be embroidered. I’m pretty happy with him. The Sapphire pieces are to the right left, and the Amethyst are to the left right (Sorry – was thinking from the POV of the Emerald dragon…). I am hoping to get them assembled today and tomorrow and get the eyes on all three.

Here we have a very wrinkled, unblocked Chevron Scarf. This has been my stuff-it-in-my-purse knitting for a while now, including while sitting in line for Order of the Phoenix and part of while I was waiting for Deathly Hallows to come out last Friday. It’s made a lot more progress than I had realized. I have another skein of each color, and I’m still debating whether I will use them or not. I’ll see where it is when I finish these two.

Pardon the crappy-ass blurry picture of the Mystery Stole. This is what happens when Kris is busy at work and I feel guilty asking him to take pictures for me. (although last week’s picture was all me!) Well, that combined with the fact that we have houseguests and I didn’t want to wake them up by digging out one of Kris’s tripods. I’m currently ready to start row 263, almost to the end of Chart E. I’m going to do the extra repeat to lengthen it, though, so I’ll be doing that bubble/flower pattern for a while yet.

You may have noticed these in the background of the scarf and stole pictures. What are they? They are my new Monkey Toes sock bags! I ordered them from Momma-Monkey’s Etsy shop (Hey, looks like she’s put up some new stuff. Awesome!), and they came last week. I’m using the one on the left (in the “Fifi” print) for the Chevron scarf, and the set on the right (part of the Menagerie collection, which also included some stitch markers and some gorgeous handspun sock yarn) for my Mystery Stole. The notions bag is perfect for my beads, and crochet hook, and post-its.

The only drawback I can see to these bags? They’re kind of addictive. I totally want another one. Or two. And I might talk to her about making one for the two-at-once sock folk…


Oh, well. I probably won’t see you again before Friday (See about re: houseguests), so have a good one!

11 comments to WIP Wednesday – Here Be Dragons

  • IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits

    Everything looks fabulous! Loving the chevron scarf! Oh, and the dragon is just the cutest!!

  • Brittany

    Everything looks lovely! I’m addicted to the Mystery Stole right now. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out. I think I’m going to make mine according to the pattern.

  • buttercup

    The mystery stole is really pretty. I can’t wait for a close up with the beads.

    I’ve been eyeballing those bags for a while. Gigi has been awarding them as prizes for those of us in the Socktopia KAL. I may break down and purchase one (and since you said new stuff…)

  • DomesticOverlord

    I’m loving your dragons! Are they for you or heading out to new homes? I haven’t been up on my blog reading lately!

  • Bezzie

    I’m a tad bit freaked out by the Emerald dragon next to the skins of his fellow jewel toned brethren.

    But he is cute none the less!

  • PocketSize

    The dragons are ADORABLE!!! Well, the dragon is. The others will be. Right now they’re sort of piles of dragon.

    Can’t wait to see the Mystery Stole in person!

  • Ava

    the dragons are so cute! Love the chevron scarf and bags too.

  • turtlegirl76

    You’re really lengthening it? I wasn’t going to. I think with the blocking, it’s going to be plenty long. But now you’ve got me thinking. Dammit. I hate thinking.

    Oh – and I guarantee you that you won’t be pulling out the second hank of each color for the scarf. You’ll see. It’ll be plenty long.

  • Rain

    You must have the patience of a saint to make so many toys with all those wee bits. The one you’ve finished looks adorable.

  • kemtee



    Nice work, kiddo.

  • cpurl17

    Sweet dragon!!

    Your stole is looking fabulous. I have Momma Monkey bag too–I love it!