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MDS&W Pr0n – Week 7

The last of the STR from Sheep and Wool – Mediumweight in Seastone

And yes, I am aware that three of the five colors I bought were blues and greens (Plus the green Footzey Foo heavyweight I used for my Red Dwarf Socks). It was slightly less obvious when I was also picking up pinks and purples for Roxy, but what can I say? I am drawn to them. 😀

I was hoping to be able to post a triumphant FO picture of my Molly sleeves today, but there was an Incident. I cruised through the second sleeve on Wednesday and managed to actually finish it. I slipped it over my arm to admire it (Pride goeth before…), and I looked at the cuff. Huh. That’s really, really big. Way bigger than I expected. I took it off, and compared it to the first sleeve. It was SIGNIFICANTLY wider. I stared at it. I looked at every pattern row, trying to figure out where I went off-pattern. Finally, I found it.
Do you see where the arrows are pointing? I anchored those light green loops in the wrong spot on sleeve #2, which gave me 12 of them, instead of 8. (…aaaaaand there’s the fall). So, yeah. The ENTIRE cuff was half again as big as it was supposed to be. I had to rip the entire thing out, back to that green row, to fix it. (17 rows, if you are wondering.)

On the upside, now that the rows are 2/3 the length they were, they move a LOT faster. I’m back up to the orange row just before the pink I was on when this picture was taken. With any luck (and less foul-ups), I’ll have a FO by the end of the weekend.

Have a good one, all!

16 comments to MDS&W Pr0n – Week 7

  • Jessica

    Bummer on the sleeves. I can’t wait to see them completed though!

    Nice squishy pron!

  • Zonda

    Fabulous colorway!! Bummer on the sleeve, but glad you could figure it out! Can’t wait to see the FO!

  • IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits

    Seastone is sooooo pretty! I’m drawn to those blues too! Can’t

  • Bezzie

    Oh yikes, that IS a lot bigger!

    Mmm…pretty porn!

  • buttercup

    At least you didn’t finish the whole sleeve before you noticed your error. I’d do that *cough*tomato*cough*

    Love the STR! I’m getting more and more drawn to those blues/greens lately too.

  • sgeddes

    Too bad about the sleeves. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project complete!

    Very nice STR color.Did you see that they posted some new colors on their site?

  • PocketSize

    Oooh pretty! And hey, nothing wrong with buying the same colors…

    Ouchies, hey you and Mom can commisserate, did she tell you her snafu?

  • Bobbi

    That STR is gorgeous! That sucks about the sleeve.

  • Ali

    Incredible crochet-work. I’m so impressed and jealous. I wish I could knit.

  • Rain

    Noooo! At least crochet is fairly quick to redo.

    Lovely yarn. I tried to get out of a colour rut, but I was still drawn back so now I embrace it.

  • turtlegirl76

    Just at least wait to hold the FO shoot until you wear it at the HP book launch. It’s only appropriate. We can wait.

  • Batty

    That yarn… it’s incredible! I think I have to order some!

    The sleeves look good, I hope you can fix them without too much trouble.

  • Penny Karma

    Those sleeves are gonna be kickass!

  • roxy =^o^=

    What Cristi said LOL

    Pink & purple? Where?



  • itgirl

    I’m dying to see it…

  • Cheesy Knit Wit

    They look beautiful. I wish I could crochet more than a chain stitch and a picot edge! 🙂