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Mystery Stole 3 KAL Poll

So, I have 4 potential options for the yarn/bead combo for my Mystery Stole. I’ve got Zephyr silk/wool in two different colors, and 2 different colors of beads. I hoped that when they arrived, I’d have and instant “Aha!” moment and known which one to use. In truth, not so much the case. So, I’m turning to you for opinions.

Here are your options (I’m posting two pictures so you can see each of the beads next to each of the yarn colors):

So, what do you think?

Oh, and if you are reading this in Bloglines, the poll doesn’t show – if you want to vote, you’ll have to click through to Blogger. Sorry about that!

16 comments to Mystery Stole 3 KAL Poll

  • Helen

    steel with either, actually. i voted for 912, because i like the subtlety of it. but the other beads too..they change with the yarn (both beads do) just by looking at the pics. i like it all 😉 i just like the steel yarn better

  • Sherry W

    I like the steel with the 912. It’s subtle, and while usually I don’t mind contrast, you really don’t know what the mystery stole is going to be.

  • Zonda

    I like the steel with the 912 too! Beautiful yarns you’ve picked BTW! I think though with the beads, you could go either way if you really want the other ones. HTH a bit! 😉

  • Bezzie

    I like charcoal and 912 becasue I thought that was more subtle–guess I’m the minority!

  • Batty

    I’d go with steel and 901 because it adds a bit of glam. Then again, I love me some glam, even if it’s occasionally over the top.

  • turtlegirl76

    I really hope more people vote for the Charcoal and 901s. That’s a purty combo.

  • sgeddes

    I voted for the steel and the 912 for the subdued look of it. but I like the steel color best with either of the bead choices.

    It will be beautiful whatever way you go!

  • PocketSize

    My friend Joyce and I agreed that the Steel and 901 looks best to us. I think the 912s would get somewhat lost on the steel because they’re so close in color. And there’s a touch of that steel color in the 901s, which ties their iridescent-ness in with the Steel yarn. My $.02

  • Ali

    Steel/901s. Love those colours.

  • Cindy in Happy Valley

    The AB Or iris (can’t tell which in a photo) will “pop” on either of the yarns. The iris colors will pick up the color in fiber.

    Unless the beads are going to be knit in an exact pattern, the matte color beads will not be noticed without a high contrast yarn. If the beads will be widely spaced or random you want them to “pop”.

    If you are set on a monochromatic scheme, you might want to consider silver lined 08’s or triangles. Anything silver lined would give you that sparkle.

  • Stitchcounter

    OK, I went with the Steel with 912 beads but I really like the subtleness of that combination. The 901 beads are a bit more eye-catching than I would get for myself. I think it would help to actually knit some of the beads onto the yarn–that might give you the aha moment since they may look different on the yarn.

  • Magatha

    Yeah, Steel with the 901s popped at me as soon as I saw the pics. I see I have company. That poll thingy for your blog is cool.

  • Lola

    I think steel and charcoal go with #901. #901 gves you that glitter – why put on beads if people aren’t going to notice that the beads are there?

  • Carly

    I voted Steel with 901. I, like Batty, feel that the 901 beads add a little glam. But, you could as easily go with the charcoal and 901. I just don’t think the 912 beads match closely enough in color – they are just off enough to look strange to me – to use them with either yarn. Whatever you decide, I’m sure that it will be lovely!

  • gilraen

    Steel and 901 would be my choice. But they are both lovely 🙂

    I’m waiting on yarn and beads too. It is so exciting…………..

  • Jenneke

    After a long debate I chose for the steel and the 901 beads… just a tad more glamorous. I’m not sure if I’m going to add the beads to my stole. I did get the notice that my yarn is on its way! Is Zephyr as pretty as it sounds?