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Dancing with the Stars – Week 10

Well, folks, here we are!

Week 10 – Finals
Judges’ Choice Round:
Laila & Maks – Paso Doble – I’m sort of surprised that the judges picked this for Laila and Maks, becuase I don’t think it plays to her strengths. The extension on her legs when she kicks isn’t great (her knees are usually bent at least a little), and although the strength is obviously there, it doesn’t show off her sensuality much, if at all. It was a good dance, but I just don’t think it’s her best style. Judges: 29
Apolo & Julianne – Rhumba – Damn. That Apolo has turned into one heck of a dancer, hasn’t he? This was wonderful – I think it was a great choice for them, and they executed it beautifully. Judges: 28
Joey & Kym – Chacha – Hmm.. considering that they still have to do the freestyle, and he’s been criticised before for doing too much extra silliness, I expected them to play this one a little straighter. I don’t think it was their strongest dance – I’ve seen them do much better. This felt scattered to me. Judges: 26

Freestyle Round:
Laila & Maks – Hmm. Honestly, this is probably the most disappointed I’ve been with them this season. It wasn’t that interesting to me, and I just wasn’t as “wowed” and I hoped to be. Lordy, I’m turning into Len… Judges: 26
Apolo & Julianne – That is more of what I expected from the freestyle. It was fun, it was lighthearted, it was creative. I liked some of the moves they worked into the routine. OK, and I’m a little biased on that – the flip-over-the-arm thing? I did that in a production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” about a million years ago. 🙂 And I even managed NOT to land on my head. Most of the time. Judges: 30
Joey & Kym – Wow. I thought Apolo and Julianne had the Freestyle sewn up, but this was just as aweseome. I think disco was a great choice for Joey – not what you would expect, maybe, but they had so much fun with it, and it was a great routine. Judges: 30

OK, obviously some of this is possibly going to change with tomorrow night, but it’s going to come down to Apolo and Joey, and I think it could go either way. However, I’m not going to wuss out and not make a call – I’m going with Apolo to win it all. I think he’s shown more versatility, and the level of difficulty he has done is really impressive, since he has no dance or performance background at all, where Joey does have some experience.

We had a busy weekend. We headed up to Pittsburgh to see my folks and pick up a few things that they aren’t taking to the new house in Las Vegas, and also to go to the funeral for Kris’s great-uncle George, who passed away last Tuesday night. So, it was a happy weekend and a sad one at the same time. We’re going to be buried in boxes here for a while. Putting most of the stuff away (and possibly cleaning out the attic) will be the order of business for this weekend.

3 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 10

  • Rebel

    I really liked Laila’s freestyle, it was fun & funky. Everyone did great though, so I really don’t care who wins (well, Apolo is still my favorite 😉 ). – zuma

  • Batty

    Sounds like you have stressful times coming up ahead. It’s so good there are shows like Dancing with the Stars to take our minds off of them!

  • Penny Karma

    Y’know what I love? I love that while I’m watching DWTS at my house, I know you’re watching it at yours. It’s almost like we’re bonding.