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Dancing with the Stars – Week 9

But before we get to my ramblings about DWTS, we have socks!!

Recently, Cristi published her Red Dwarf Socks pattern. Since I had some fabbo STR Heavyweight from MDS&W, I knew the two were made for each other. I cast on last Monday night at my monthly SnB and finished them up (after two days on the couch with that nasty, nasty cold I had) Thursday morning and wore them to my twice-monthly SnB. They got lots of oohs and aahs from my fellow knitters, including several who immediately wanted her blog address to get the pattern.

I LOVED this pattern. It was a ton of fun to knit and stayed interesting throughout. I know I’m a little biased, since Cristi is such a dear, dear friend, but this really was a great pattern. I almost wish she had hung on to it to submit to Knitty or MagKnits, because it is totally worthy of being published.

So, here they are – Red Dwarf Socks in STR Heavyweight in “Footzey Foo”:

And yes, that top picture IS the front and back of the socks at the same time, thank you very much. 🙂 I took ballet for exactly one year as a kid, and that’s the only thing I can still do – torn my feet out pretty much to 180 degrees. Just ignore the fact that my ankle is rolling a bit.

Week 9 – Semifinals

Ballroom Round:
Apolo & Julianne – Quickstep – He looks so comfortable and confident! It’s awesome. I love how together they are – they really are connecting with each other wonderfully. Judges: 30
Ian & Cheryl – Tango – Ian was clearly having more fun with this one, but I still think there is something missing in the chemistry between the two of them. It’s in really stark relief in comparison to Apolo and Julianne coming right before them. Judges: 28
Laila & Maks – Quickstep – They owned the entire dance floor with this routine – it covered every single square inch, and I really think they were technically excellent. I don’t think they were quite as “fun” as they have been in the past, though. Judges: 30
Joey & Kym – Foxtrot – Aaaaand Joey’s back! Lighthearted and sweet, but really really well danced. Judges: 30

Latin Round:
Apolo & Julianne – Chacha – Excellent. They have a really, really strong shot at taking the trophy if they keep this up. I’m not sure the band should try doing any more hip-hop, though… 😀 Judges: 29
Ian & Cheryl – Jive – Oh, Ian… the Elvis look was just too funny. I think I’ve figured out why they just aren’t connecting with the judges (or me) as much as I wish they would. It comes back to what I said early on about Cheryl – she is SO frantic, and SO energetic that Ian looks almost lazy by comparison, and he isn’t – just like the girl I used to work with in theatre back in Meadville. I think it’s that mismatch that is bothering me. Judges: 30
Laila & Maks – Chachacha – I thought it was interesting what Carrie-Ann said after the first round – Laila is the only non-professional female out there, and you almost expect her to be on par with the other women. Honestly, I think she was. Judges: 30
Joey & Kym – Jive – I said it last time, and I’ll say it again – Joey Fatone was MADE for the Jive. He can have fun, and bounce like mad, and it all works. Wonderful, wonderful dance. Judges: 30

OK, this is when I start to hate seeing anyone go home – I’ve loved all four of these couples since the beginning, and I really don’t want any of them to leave, but there aren’t really any other options, are there? I’m going with Ian and Cheryl in the bottom two along with Laila and Maks, and I have the feeling that Ian’s breakthrough came just a little too late and he’ll be done.

14 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 9

  • Zonda

    Excellent socks!! Lovely colorway too! Gah, gotta get mine done!

    As for DWTS…sigh, Ian, yes, he peaked too late! I think it’ll be between Joey and Apollo! I do like Laila though..hmmmm tomorrow nite will tell!

    Gah! Of course the finale is the same time as NCIS’s finale..so..not..fair!

  • turtlegirl76

    Eeee! Finished sock photos! I’m so excited.

    I know I shoulda held onto it but I don’t know. There’s those Wick socks in No Sheep For You so why would Knitty want it right?

  • IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits

    Socks look fabulous!!! Can’t quite get over that first pose…incredible talents 🙂 Love the STR colorway too.

    I too am worried Ian will be going home (but I think Cheryl has a strong fan base, okay, maybe Ian does too …note top two last week). But if Ian doesn’t go, who does?? I want Joey and Laila to stay (I really like them both). And as great as Apollo is, for some reason, he just bugs me a tad…so I guess I hope he goes.

  • Bezzie

    Very cool!!! I need to try those out!

  • buttercup

    Love the socks! I’m going to have to print out the pattern and give toe up another go. They’re too pretty not to.

  • Scattered Gemini

    I’m cheering for Laila as she’s the only female left. I’d hate for it to come down to a “Sausage Fest”. Sigh.

    So, if i’d vote off one guy…it would have to be Joey. There’s something arrogant and smarmy about him that rubs me the wrong way.

    For some reason your blog posts always run into your side bar for me so i miss the last few words of each line. Which STR colorway is that?

    Very cool socks!

  • Amanda

    Love ’em!!
    I’m so glad you post a play-by-play on “Dancing…” – I got sucked into it awhile back, but I have a knitting group on Monday nights and always miss it!!

  • Cheesy Knit Wit

    Beautiful socks Pam!

  • knitty_kat

    awesome socks – great idea to show off the front and back!!

  • Zuma

    In the first round, I think Len gave Ian a sympathy 10 to make up for last week. He was much better, but not as good as the others. In fact, I think the judges were wall a little 10 happy. The dancing was great though. I’m so impressed with how everyone’s improved. I’m in love with Apollo though!

  • Zuma

    Oh, I wanted to add that Laila was phenomenal, in the second dance, I agree she held her own against the professional dancers, and I loved the butterfly, it really worked in the routine, and that purple dress was gorgeous on her.

    PS – I like your socks too! 😉

  • roxy =^o^=

    Turtle-ly sockysocks!!!

    Niiiiice *grins*

    Hope you are feeling better chica


  • roxy =^o^=

    …ps – is that the same colorway I bought too?


  • Telmah

    The socks look neat! Love the colors.