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Dancing with the Stars – Week 7

Ali – I understand what you said about Ian last week. I think the difference in the way we saw him was that you looked at it from a purely dance perspective, where I was looking at it more as a character choice – thinking more from my acting background. 🙂

Week 7 – Two Dances!

Ballroom Round:
Laila & Maks – Quickstep – Interestingly, as lovely as her costume was, I think it took away from the dance a little, because you couldn’t really see her feet. It was really good, but it just didn’t blow me away like she has in the past. Judges: 29
John & Edyta – Foxtrot – The slower more graceful dances are absolutely John’s strong suit. He’s really light on his feet and elegant. And as always, adorable. Judges: 23
Apolo & Julianne – Foxtrot – Lovely and graceful, but also with a sense of fun and youthfulness. They’ve gotten really good at letting their personalities show through without being goofy about it. Judges: 26
Ian & Cheryl – Tango – Definitely less stiff than last week! I’m not sure if it was the choreography or what, though, but I thought it was a little boring. The technique was there (from what I could tell), but there wasn’t much va-va-voom to the dance itself. Judges: 27
Billy Ray & Karina – Waltz – That was unbelievable! He was graceful, and light on his feet, and RELAXED! Yay! I thought it was terribly sweet of him to want to showcase Karina, to give her the spotlight. I’m pretty sure he’s doing it because he thinks this is his last week. Judges: 17
Joey & Kym – Foxtrot – Another really, really strong performance from Joey and Kym. He just exudes so much personality that it’s impossible not to just adore him. Judges: 29

Latin Round:
Laila & Maks – Samba – Laila is lovely in the ballroom numbers, but I think the Latin dances are where she really shines. She’s just got a great sensuality and sexiness that is showcased so well in those dances. Judges: 30
John & Edyta – Rhumba – Good, but not great. He’s done so well, but I think he’s reached the limit of what he can do physically. His lower back is a little stiff, so he just doesn’t have the hip movement that should be there in the Latin numbers. Judges: 22
Apolo & Julianne – Mambo – Fiery and fun. I just love watching them together. Judges: 28
Ian & Cheryl – Mambo – The most relaxed he has been in a couple of weeks now. This is what I want to see from him. Wonderful! Judges: 27
Billy Ray & Karina – Samba – I definitely think Billy Ray has decided that he’s going home this week. As a result, he’s more relaxed and having more fun than he has had so far. The actual dancing wasn’t great, but he was still enjoyable to watch. Judges:
Joey & Kym – Jive – You know, I think the Jive was made for Joey – bouncy and fun and irreverent. Loved it!!! Judges: 30

Is anyone else waiting for Len and Bruno to actually slug it out on the dance floor? I think maybe Carrie Ann needs to sit between them!

I’m going with Billy Ray and John in the bottom again. It’s going to come down to the audience – John’s got it over Billy Ray on the judge’s scores, but I think Billy Ray’s got the edge with the audience vote. I’m just not sure it’s enough to make up the difference in the scores, so I’m afraid this might be it for him this week.

In knitting news, I’m still chugging along on my Tomato. I’m hoping it will be done either today or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have today. I’m also debating lengthening the sleeves like Cristi did. I like the way it looks. Hmm…

2 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 7

  • zuma

    I liked Ian’s latin number (with the exception of the mouthwash move… or was that in the ballroom dance?), I liked him better last week though. Now it feels a bit like he’s hamming it up.

    And I think the judges (Len!) have been a little harsh on Appolo! He’s my all time favorite, steps, personality, the whole thing. I *love* Bruno defending him though!

  • LC

    I’m such an Ian fan…I really REALLY want him to win!

    If Joey wins, I’m slitting my wrists. Haw~!