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Dancing with the Stars – Week 6

First of all, I blame Turtlegirl for the fact that, instead of working on the SEVEN projects currently in my sidebar, I cast on today for “Tomato” from No Sheep for You. See, she was talking about working on her Textured Tunic, and that since it is now finished she was going to start Tomato. I was teasing her, asking if she thought she could finish it by the time she came up for Maryland Sheep and Wool (A week from Friday! Yay!). I mentioned that I was thinking of looking locally for the yarn (BSA Cotton), and she scoffed at me, insisting that there had to be something in my stash that would work.

OK, so she had a point there.

So, I thought about it, and I remembered my massive score of Lion Cotton Ease from last August. I pulled some skeins out, and compared colors, and I finally settled on a main color of Popsical Blue (the turquoise in the top half of the right-hand box in that pic) and a contrast of Bubble Gum (the pink in the top box). I think it will be fun and springy. I’m currently about halfway through the increases before the sleeves are separated, and I like the way it is working up so far. Now the question is, will it be done to wear to MDS&W? (No, not the same day Turtlegirl wears hers. That would just be weird.)

And I know I promised FO pics, but it’s been a busy weekend around here. Kris worked from 6am Friday until 4am Saturday, and then spent half of Saturday night on the phone with work, so he’s a little beat. I’m going to try to get a couple of my own tomorrow – I’ve got the Chrysanthemum Tea Shawl to show off (Love it, love it, love it!), as well as a couple of house-oriented projects.

And now… on to the show!

Week 6 – Latin and Swing

Joey & Kym – I love that Joey was singing along while they danced. They both looked like they were having such fun. And Joey was just a complete maniac. Loved it! Judges: 27
Heather & Jonathan – Heather is looking rather clunky this week – not as graceful as she had been. Not nearly as impressive as previous dances. Judges: 23
John & Edyta – I continue to be amazed at how nimble John is for such a teddybear of a guy – this was great. Judges: 19
Laila & Maks – Very enjoyable – energetic and fun. I fear what Len is going to have to say about the funky stuff, though. 🙂 Judges: 28
Billy Ray & Karina – Probably the most relaxed he has been dancing the entire competition. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t all that great to me. Not terrible, just very middle-of-the-road. It feels a little like a swan song to me – they’ve decided they are going home, and decided to quit trying. Judges: 21
Apolo & Julianne – Great chemistry. Sexy and romantic without being dirty. Wonderful. Judges: 28
Ian & Cheryl – Strong, but not stiff, confident, intense, sexy. Awesome! Judges: 24

I felt so bad for Ian this week. He tried so, so hard to give the judges what they wanted, and they just shredded him in their comments.

I’m guessing that Billy Ray and John will be the bottom two, and I’m going to have to say that it will be John going home. Not because I think he’s the worse dancer, but because Billy Ray really has a likeability thing going – sort of the aw, shucks-ness.

And the group swing number? Was a total hoot. I can only imagine what that particular rehearsal was really like…

6 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 6

  • PocketSize

    LoL knitting challenges… I bet I can finish spinning and crocheting my eternal sunrise mobius by the time you’re done Tomato! Uh-oh… What did I just do?

  • kemtee

    I’m not doing it… you can’t make me… I’m finishing Sahara before starting Tomato, hear?

    (Besides, y’all will work out the pattern tweaks before I get there.)

  • Stitchcounter

    I know that if anyone can finish Tomato by MDS&W its you and Turtlegirl. Glad I wasn’t in the middle of that throw down, those pointy sticks can hurt. I’m still trying to get started on my SKB. (Yeah for the stash busting–means more room for souvenirs from the festival.)

  • turtlegirl76

    Heh. The fateful words “Wanna race?”

    It’s for sock yarn people. Of course I’m gonna throw down for sock yarn.

    I’m finished the waist decreases and in the straight portion gearing up for increases.

  • peri

    Whoah- knitting Wacky Races – which of you is Penelope Pitstop? I’m not placing any bets on who will finish first.

    Heather McCartney – hmmmmm – lives in Hove and most of the Uk appear to dislike her. I just know that she really rates herself. I see her out jogging with her entourage and it’s a real case of ‘Look at me, here I am. Aren’t I wonderful!’ Scary bloomin women.

    Oh and by the way – as your page loads – the horoscope head is completely bald and eyeless – tres scary ;=)

  • Ali

    I agree with most of your comments on DWTS, but Ian really was so stiff and not into the dance. My predictions: Apolo 1st place, Joey 2nd place, and Liala 3rd place. Though I do believe Liala deserves better. She and Maksim need to add some POW to one of their routines. She is gorgeous and does slide through her movements.

    I don’t understand why you and Turtle aren’t wearing your Tomatos together. I thought we all were going to dress alike when we got to Philly.;)