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Dancing with the Stars – Week 5

Well, I was half right last week. And at least the half was that Leeza was leaving. And I totally didn’t notice until they mentioned it that there are only two women celebrities left!

Week 5 – The Samba and the Rhumba

Ian & Cheryl – Ian is having WAY too much fun. The more this goes on, the more I love him. Judges: 24
Clyde & Elena – Well, now. THAT’s an outfit! Oh, Clyde, still with those lazy, noodley arms. Elena is working it, and you look downright bored. THAT’s what the judges mean about it looking like you aren’t trying. Judges: 13
Heather & Jonathan – Hmm… she’s looking a little clunky this week. I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. It’s definitely not my favorite of theirs so far. Judges: 21
Joey & Kym – Ok, I never thought I would say this about Joey freakin’ Fatone, but that was hot. Really, really sexy. This is still his competition to lose. Judges: 25
John & Edyta – You know, he’s not the most graceful dancer out there, but he did a great job tonight, and he’s certainly having a blast with it. Judges: 18
Laila & Maks – Hey, she’s not wearing orange! She started a little slow, but she came more to life a little into it. Great job. Sexy, sexy, sexy. Judges: 28
Apolo & Julianne – Once again, a really, really strong performance from Apolo and Julianne. And he definitely worked the sexy on this one! Judges: 30
Billy Ray & Karina – Oh, Billy… he was so uncomfortable and stiff this week after making so much progress. It makes me sad, because I loved how hard he has been working. Judges: 17

I’m thinking it’s Billy and Clyde on the chopping block this week, and it could go either way. Personally, I think it’s time for Clyde to go.

He’s probably going to kill me for this, but Kris has watched a few episodes with me (mostly he’s been in the room on his laptop while I watch), and he’s taken to commenting while we watch. He even applauded a bit when Apolo and Julianne got their perfect score. I think he’s turning into a fan, despite his best efforts to the contrary. 😀

3 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 5

  • reluctantMANGO

    LOL… that’s how I suckered DH into American Idol a few years ago! And now this year is so bad even I can’t watch. Perhaps it’s time to switch to DWTS?

  • thatfarmgirl

    You are too funny. I don’t watch, but I certainly enjoy your analysis. And might I mention that you are a knitting maniac? Wow, color me impressed. And inadequate!

  • Penny Karma

    I love Joey’s bum.