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Dancing with the Stars – Week 4

And here we go for week 4! Is it really Monday night already?

And for the record, Len is a bitter, bitter man. He actually took the time to research how much time people were spending in training? He needs to get a hobby. Maybe he should learn to knit! 😀

Week 4 – The Waltz and the Paso Doble

Laila & Maks – Hmm…I’m not sure if it is just that I don’t care for the Paso Doble, or if this was not a good one, but I was kind of bored. They move well together, and they both look gorgeous as always, but this is just kind of a dull dance to me. I’ll have to see if the rest of them strike me the same way. Judges: 21
Apolo & Julianne – See, now, the waltz I can get into. 🙂 This was lovely and romantic and just wonderful. Of course, the fact that they are just too adorable for words doesn’t hurt. Judges: 26
Leeza & Tony – Wow… props to Leeza for wearing that outfit at 50, and looking pretty damn good in it! Sadly, she’s not as comforatble with the dance. She’s working hard, and you can see it on her face – good dance should look effortless. Judges: 16
Ian & Cheryl – Ah, see, now CHERYL has the coloring for yellow, unlike Heather. 😀 Ian’s looking great – really doing well. This was great – he’s definitely in the running to win this one! Judges: 24
John & Edyta – Holy fabulous dress, Batman! That is awesome! Of course, you have to have her body to pull it off… This was a cool dance – very engaging, relaxed, but with energy. I liked it a lot. Judges: 16
Clyde & Elena – Argh… if Clyde would just put some energy and strength into his frame, they’d be in great shape, but his arms are always slack. It just ends up looking unpolished. Judges: 15
Billy Ray & Karina – He’s working harder and harder every week. You can see it in his face, and in the set of his shoulders. He’s just defeating himself with his attitude of “Oh, well, I’ll never be good enough.” Judges: 21
Heather & Jonathan – Graceful and lovely. They are doing a consistently wonderful job of working around the issues with her leg without making it obvious. Judges: 23
Joey & Kym – THIS was awesome. Strong, and engaging, and precise, and just wonderful to watch. There was passion and fire. Fantastic. Judges: 28

Leeza and Clyde are going to be at the bottom after the vote, and Leeza’s going home. That’s my call. And I’m good with that. I have nothing against Leeza, I’m just over her on this show.

3 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 4

  • Jerry & Maxy

    Nice review. Yeah, but can we PLEASE stop hearing about Heather’s leg!!!! OR, even the field and have all contestants with a disability. I think the judges are cutting her sleck because of her leg, but there’s no slack being cut for Clyde being 1 billion feet tall and dancing with a smurf.


  • Jerry & Maxy

    that would be slack not sleck 🙂 and Clyde’s partner is a talented smurf 🙂

  • Penny Karma

    I FULLY appreciate your in-depth recap of the show… almost as much as I appreciate Joey’s bum. 😉

    And whenever I watch DWTS I know you’re watchin it with me!