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Dancing with the Stars – Week 3

OK, here we are for week 3! I’m writing my impressions of each dance as soon as they are finished, and before the judges offer their critiques, so keep in mind that I could be completely full of it. After all, these are the impressions of a non-dancer. 😀

Week 3 – The Jive and the Tango

Shandi & Brian – Definitely better than their mambo! She’s so lovely, and I really want to like her, but she just doesn’t seem to want to let loose. I think it comes back to the pageant thing – she’s so used to being poised and careful that she’s having trouble letting go and being free. Judges: 21
John & Edyta – The teddy bear went all old-school romance! I did feel like this one was mostly about Edyta, with John not doing a whole lot, but that may be a factor of the tango, I don’t know. Judges: 20
Clyde & Elena – First of all, WHAT is with that outfit of hers? Gah. All that fringy crap makes her look really thick around the middle, which she really is not. Clyde is definitely getting more comfortable with the dancing, and he seemed to really enjoy this one. Judges: 16
Laila & Maks – Hee! James Bond music!! Not quite as kick-ass as the mambo, but I still loved it. She just knows how to move, and they work well together. Judges: 21
Apolo & Julianne – Wow. How adorable was that!! That was great – fun and lively and just great to watch. Judges: 23
Joey & Kym – Ok, the Star Wars theme was a little cheesy, but I think they made it work. Joey seemed a little less light on his feet than he had been, but it was still a good dance. Judges: 24
Ian & Cheryl – That was easily the best he has done yet. Joey and Apolo better watch their backs! Judges: 24
Leeza & Tony – Great costumes, boring dance. Judges: 24 (Seriously? How was THAT on par with Joey and Kym and Ian and Cheryl?!?!)
Heather & Jonathan – First, will someone please explain to Heather that yellow really isn’t a good color on her? This was not her best week, either. Her shoulders seemed hunched up, and those big clunky shoes did not help her with the issues she was already going to have with this dance and her leg. Judges: 24
Billy Ray & Karina – I think Billy Ray’s biggest issue is his self-confidence. When he relaxes and trusts himself, he’s good, but he spends so much time watching her to make sure he’s doing the right thing that it takes away from his dancing. Judges: 21

I’m worried that Clyde is going home, because I really, really like him. I still think that Leeza and Shandi are bottom-tier, though.

2 comments to Dancing with the Stars – Week 3

  • Kim

    Amen! I wish Shandi and Leeza would just go home. I think you’re spot on about Billy Ray and Clyde. It’s hard to partner when the height differences are so great.

    Thanks for a great summary.

  • KnittingKat

    I just had to say I love this site, I’m going to mark it in my favorites, I found it by way of googling your jack sparrow socks! Anyway such fun, and I can’t wait to try the pattern.