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Dancing with the Stars – Weeks 1 and 2

Yes, that’s right – I’m hooked on Dancing with the Stars. Me, the queen of anti-reality tv, hooked on a reality show. I even mocked my Mom a little last year for voting for Emmitt Smith. I’ll take some ketchup with those words, please.

Anyway, just for shits & giggles, I thought I’d start blogging my thoughts about each week’s episode, along with the judges’ scores, and my prediction for who will go, with a followup to see if I was right. (Hint – I was wrong for the first one). I realize that no one may have any interest in this but me, but hey, it’s my friggin’ blog. 😀 For those who are interested, the official home page is here.

Week 1 – The Foxtrot and the Cha Cha

Ian & Cheryl – He is obviously enjoying himself. Even when he wasn’t technically perfect, he sold it well. Judges: 21
Paulina & Alec – I love her. I know it’s at least partly because something about her makes me think of my very dear old friend Nikki, but I also thought she danced well. Judges: 19
Billy Ray & Karina – Two words: train and wreck. I really felt for Karina – I’m not sure she knew what to do with him on this one. Judges: 13
Leeza & Tony – Pretty middle of the road – nothing particularly memorable. Judges: 15
Joey & Kym – Too fun. LOVED them – the couple to beat, for sure. Judges: 24
Laila & Maks – First of all, DAMN is she gorgeous. And that orange dress looked amazing on her. Plus, who knew a boxer could dance like that? Judges: 23
John & Edyta – Very nice – John’s a bit like a teddybear. He dances quite well! Judges: 17
Shandi & Brian – Whichever judge referred to them as “Barbie and Ken” was right. Not bad, not outstanding. Judges: 19
Clyde & Elena – He’s likable, but he’s clearly a little uncomfortable with the whole dancing thing. Judges: 16
Heather & Jonathan – Wow… what was with that dress? What an awful color combo. She looked a little nervous, but still danced well. Judges: 18
Apolo & Julianne – You can tell he’s a little nervous, but they were great together. Plus, I’ve liked him since the Salt Lake Olympics. Judges: 21

OK, I knew they weren’t eliminating anyone until after the second round of dancing, but I wasn’t feeling good for Billy Ray and Karina after week 1. That was just not pretty.

Week 2 – The Mambo and the Quick Step

Apolo & Julianne – He really seemed to relax and enjoy this a little more. Judges: 26
Shandi & Brian – Wow. That was the boringest, least sexy Mambo ever. Lose the pageant walk and move those hips!! Judges: 20
Clyde & Elena – Clyde looked like he was getting into it and having a little more fun this time. Judges: 18
Leeza & Tony – Not bad, but not great either. I don’t dislike her, but I doubt she’ll be around for long. Judges: 21
Ian & Cheryl – Lots of fun, enjoyable to watch. Cheryl makes me think of someone I used to know at the theatre I worked at years ago – she always seemed to think that if she had LOTS ! OF! ENERGY! that everyone would somehow “catch” it from her. Mostly, she annoyed me, so I have a feeling I’m going to be watching Cheryl through that lens. Judges: 22
Paulina & Alec – She’s really adorable. She looks fabulous, and I really loved her this week, especially because she went for it on the death drop. Judges: 21
Billy Ray & Karina – THAT was an improvement! I think if he can overcome the debacle of the chacha, he will make some serious progress. Judges: 21
Heather & Jonathan – Kick ASS outfit! She looked fantastic, and WOW that was some awesome dancing. Girl can shake it! (See, Shandi – THAT’s what your hips should be doing.) Judges: 24
John & Edyta – They’ve got great chemistry, and I love seeing someone who’s a little older out there working it. Judges: 21
Laila & Maks – OK, that thing about Joey and Kym being the couple to beat? Laila and Maks just upped the ante. A LOT. That was smokin’! Judges: 27
Joey & Kym – And they brought their A-game again! I know Joey did a lot of dancing with *NSync, but this is really, really good. Judges: 24

Ok, so after dance number 2, I’m guessing that Shandi is going to be in trouble, along with Billy Ray and possibly Leeza.

Elimination Show:

WTF? Paulina and Alec got booted? That is so wrong. (Although I was right about Shandi being in trouble.)

In knitting news (assuming you’ve gotten this far, that is), I’m almost done with the Counterpoint scarf. I am loving the yarn (Classic Elite Lush), and I think she’s really going to like it. I’ll get Kris to take some pics as soon as it is totally finished. The illusion reads pretty well – I’m going to have to play with that some more in the future.

Oh, and we did the photo shoot for Flash Your Stash ’07 the other day. The idea was totally Kris’s, and I think you’ll like it. Remember, folks: FYS April 1!!

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  • pinkphish

    I was totally addicted to the UK version of this- I also can’t stand ‘reality’ or ‘celebrity’ anything on TV. I love the glitz and the music. From the looks of it the set, the theme music and 2 of the judges are the same as over here. It’s a hard thing to watch while knitting- I kept missing all the dancing.