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Fair Isle February

Yes, I joined the Fair Isle February knitalong. I am planning to make the KnitPicks Palette Fair Isle Cardigan, but I decided to dip my toes in with a slightly more portable project first – Kris’s We Call Them Pirates hat. Yes, the one I promised him ages ago. I started it Saturday night while we were hanging out at Mtwelovett‘s house and finished it this afternoon. It is drying right now while blocking on a mixing bowl. 🙂

Kris had to also get a nice closeup of one of the skulls.

And lest you think I am a slacker, the reason I started the hat was that….
Jenneke‘s socks are done! It’s a little hard to see in that picture, but I did do a picot bindoff at the top of the cuff. So, yes, Jenneke, I’ll be gathering a few goodies to tuck into the box, and then your socks will be on their way!

And yes, you might have noticed that I mentioned “hanging out with Mtwelovett“. She and I have been talking for a year and a half about getting together, so when we found out that the musical of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was coming to Raleigh, we decided that was our sign. I got tickets for Kris and I, and we went down this weekend and had a complete blast with Mary and Robert. I also got to meet Qeltic, too. Heck, my Bear even got to meet his long-lost cousin Teddy. 🙂 Kris got some great pictures, which I will post as soon as he gets them uploaded.

21 comments to Fair Isle February

  • Kaitie Tee

    Your hat looks great! I made one a couple weeks ago and was excited that it was such a quick knit.

  • Mintyfresh

    Argh, that’s a cute hat!

  • Jessica

    Your hat is perfect! I freakin love it! Great job. The socks are beautiful and yes I can see the picot bind off! 🙂

  • Qeltic

    Loved meeting you and Kris! And I can’t believe you’ve gotten that hat done so quickly. Wow!

  • Zonda

    Awesome hat!! Nice work! The socks are fab too!

    You weren’t too far from me! Glad you guys had a good time! 🙂

  • jenneke

    Wow! Great hat! I also just love your pattern for Jack sparrow’s favourite socks. I think my brother would so love to have socks like that. I’m looking forward to the green socks!

  • Jo

    Cool! I love both the hat and the socks 🙂 What wool are the socks knit from?

  • Mtwelovett

    You finished your hat already???!?!?! ! You are speedy woman! We had a blast too! Glad you could make it.

    “… Great Big Stuff!!!… “

    I was paying so much attention to the conversation, and not the pattern that I knit two rows past where I was supposed to put the thumb on a holder!!! Trying to decide now if I’m gonna tink back, or just put it in the current row.

  • Kris

    I love the hat. It came out so nice. The detailed picture of the skull is really nice to. Oh, and the socks, I really like the socks to.

  • cpurl17

    The hat and socks are great! I just bought a skein of the Juniper this past weekend.

  • me-nikk

    OMG THAT HAT IS AWESOME!!! You’ve inspired me and as soon as things start to settle down a bit, I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it darn it. I’m going to pick up my own needles and yarn again. Someday, someday very soon I will be a knitter too!

    Love to you and your hubby!

  • Penny Karma

    That hat is kickass!

  • Stephanie

    That is the best pirate hat/item I have seen yet! I so want to make a pirate item for a friend I have who loves pirates (it’s an obsession for her). You have given me inspiration

  • OLPP

    I *love* that hat! You did such a spectacular job. If I bring some tea, could I come over for knitting lessons? It’s about a, what, 40956-hour walk to there from Phoenix? Dang. And mmmmmm, what lovely socks and yarn pr0n!

  • Knitting Bandit

    If anything could convince me to try my hand at Fair Isle it’s your rockin’ hat!!

  • Cheesy Knit Wit

    That hat is awesome!!!! I love it!

  • Batty

    I joined too. But I’m worried that the FI portion of the sweater I’ll be knitting won’t start till March!

  • Magatha

    That hat is so cool it’s going to be a hot target for hat thieves. Just a heads up for the wearer!

    Socks So Lovely. What a lucky set of feet your pal has. 😉

  • Pyewacket

    That hat kicks ass. I covet it. Tell Kris we want to see it modeled.

  • LaBean

    Yep, I can see the picots on the cuff. Nice coloring too. Isn’t M12 a hoot? I can’t wait to meet her too. 🙂 And you too! hee

  • Rain

    I love that hat pattern, yours looks amazing.

    Those socks are so pretty.