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Fleece Artist Pr0n!

Fleece Artist Merino Sock yarn in “Paris”. Purchased from my fave online yarn store, Little Knits. This will be socks for me. (I also got another color that will be socks for Kris, but that’s for next week)

And for Jenneke, the current state of her Swap Socks:
We’ve passed the heels and are working our way up the gusset. Woo hoo! (Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Juniper”)

And I can’t believe I almost forgot this! If you like Kris’s yarnography… how about owning it on a mousepad, or a mug? He opened a CafePress store: The Digital Arcana Shop. More stuff will be going up all the time, and if anyone has ideas or suggestions or requests, let us know!

ETA: The establishing shot of the Fleece Artist Merino Sock yarn:

See – all of those colors in just one skein! It’s nice bouncy stuff, too. I look forward to working with it. Eventually. After my eight million other to-do projects. 😀

18 comments to Fleece Artist Pr0n!

  • turtlegirl76

    How exciting! Congrats Kris!

    So, that sock yarn – all those colors are in one hank? Really? I don’t suppose you have a pic of the whole hank in one shot do you? God it’s pretty. Love that first shot especially with the signature band of focus across the middle. Very “Kris”

  • Trillian42

    Yup – all one hank. I’ll have to have him take an “establishing shot” tonight with the whole hank. (And one for next week, while he’s at it!)

  • sgeddes

    Ah, I’ve been wanting a skein of that! I may just have to order some now. I got some Lady Godiva in that color for a clapotis!

  • Bobbi

    Beautiful! just beautiful!

    what yarn are you using for those socks?

  • Batty

    Yarn pr0n mugs! Are you trying to bankrupt me???

    Gorgeous yarn. And the socks are coming along splendidly.

  • Kris

    Beautiful yarn and the socks are gorgeous.

  • Magatha

    That third picture in today’s yarn pron would make a good one for the Cafe Press shop too.

    The pictures are spectacular and those green socks are so beautiful I could just cry….

    ….or maybe I’ll just copy you and make some myself!

  • Jessica

    that yarn is gorgeous!! I love the colors. Very Paris. 😉 The shots are great as always.

    I’ll check out that store later (when I’m not at work!) 😉

  • Zonda

    Gorgeous!!! Off to check the store! 🙂

  • Ava

    Love the Fleece Artist! Must make note of the colorway.

  • Danielle

    This reminds me– any suggestions of beautiful non-sock things to make with one skein of Fleece Artist merino sock yarn? I bought a gorgeous one up in Nova Scotia but (like an idiot) went all cheapskate and didn’t buy a second. Despite the fact that I knew I didn’t want to hide such beautiful yarn on my feet. Fuh. So what now?

    Also, maybe this is a Mac thing, but your photos take a long while to load for me and tend to freeze up my browser whilst they do. Which is a shame considering how beautiful the photos are.htt

  • the kitchener bitch

    Fleece Artist sock is delicious, isn’t it? That Paris colorway is gorgeous.

  • Rain

    That’s gorgeous stuff.

    The socks look beautiful so far.

  • jenneke

    Wow, are you knitting at warp speed? The colorway is amazing – why is this stuff not being sold in Holland? I’m going to finish sock 1 tonight, so I’ll have a new picture up tomorrow.

    The other yarny goodness is awsome as well. Great pictures.

  • Knit Mongrel

    LOVE the pr0n, totally coveting the Bodice, nodding and smiling at the Sensational Knitted Socks reference. Could you live without it? Not me. Thanks for the inspiration – I’ve been putting off the Bodice, and I think it might be time now!

  • Sner

    I LOVE fleece artist. They have the most amazing colours. I just finished knitting socks with their “cosmic dawn” colourway and I was totally smitten. I’m lucky that I have two LYS in the area that carry the crack, I mean yarn.

  • Trillian42

    Sner – if you like the Cosmic Dawn… just wait for this week’s YPF post!

  • ms. pea

    Oh the colors!!! Are you still knitting Pullover Flair from IK spring 06? You should join the knit-a-long… http://www.flickr.com/groups/47591703@N00/