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I should say something profound…

… since I’m now a blogger with 200+ posts, but, yeah. Profound is not so much “me”. Silly, yes. Full of ridiculously bad jokes, absolutely. But profound, nah.

Aaaaaaanyway. I’m participating in the Sock Swap over on the Knittyboards, and the yarn I ordered for my swap pal Jenneke arrived yesterday. One of the advantages to getting (luckily) paired with someone who likes the same kinds of colors you do? You can order more than one and know that the one she doesn’t pick, you will like! Case in point:
Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Steelhead” on the left, and “Juniper” on the right. Both great colors, and I think Jenneke will like them, but I wasn’t sure from looking online which she would like better. So… I got both. And since I like them both, I’ll happily add whichever she doesn’t choose to the, um, kind of large (although not as large as some people’s) sock yarn stash.

So, Jenneke, what do you think? Steelhead, which has some bits of nice sagey green mixed with blues and greys, or Juniper, which is more aggresively green with dashes of blue and purple?

The next question of course – which pattern do I make? Off to think about that!

And Jenneke has spoken – the Juniper is hers!

11 comments to I should say something profound…

  • Jessica

    Frickin gorgeous colors!! You picked two hard colors to choose from. Good luck Jenneke!

  • me-nikk

    You are sooooo freaking cute! I loved your fist lines!!! That made me smile. But old friend of mine, I know that you have the profound in you as well. You are a multi layered, oh so sweet, frosted cake of sorts. And OHHHHH the goodness inside! Thinking of you and sending you A BIG HUGG!!! xoxoxo

  • Zonda

    Oh…if I had to choose, it would be hard…lucky her! 🙂

  • Stariel

    Hey, are you insulting my stash?

    I love the yarn, so pretty!

  • Trillian42

    Heh – now you guys see why I couldn’t make the decision myself!

    And Nikki – right back at you, babe! I really hope we get the chance to see each other soon!!! (((((HUGS)))))

    Stariel – Not insulting, m’dear – just in awe. 😉

  • KnitChick

    WOW!! Both AWESOME colors! The Juniper has so much depth to it! And I LOVE Bearfoot….my last two pair of socks have both been made of it…in fact, I’m wearing one now! Comfy, warm, and soft…Lucky girl!

  • jenneke

    I am such a lucky girl! Pfew, it’s a close call. They are both very pretty and in the right color family. I think I’m going for the right hank – great picture btw!

    greatings from Holland, yet another storm tonight.

  • Batty

    They’re both gorgeous! If she can’t make up her mind, you could knit one sock in one, the other in the other… then do the same for yourself and make sure your sock pal and you have embarrassingly matching twin socks! Yeah!

  • The Fluffy Ewe

    I am anxious to try some Bearfoot. I am in the minority as I think Steelheand is very pretty. Lucky Jenneke!! 🙂

  • Bobbi

    They are both beautiful! Your swap pal is lucky!

  • Rain

    Both are gorgeous.