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Hats for Alex

You probably remember my telling you about my dear, dear friend Kirsten, who lost her baby boy Alex last December. More than anything, I’ve wanted to do something in memory of this sweet baby who was taken away from his family way too soon. After a conversation with some folks on the Knittyboards, all of whom wanted to contribute in some way, we decided to send hats to the hospital that cared for Alex. My goal is to get 198 hats by the end of November – one for every day of his too-short life – so that I can get them to the hospital by the anniversary of his death.

So far, I have received 45 hats. If you would like to contribute, I am collecting hats in preemie and baby sizes, in acrylic, cotton, or blends (no wool or wool blends, please). Email me, and I will send you the address to send them.

String Bean has written a pattern specifically for this project, here. You can of course use any baby hat pattern you have, but I have to thank String Bean for taking Alex into her heart.

To those of you who have already sent or committed to sending hats, thank you. And to anyone else who wants to pitch in, you have my gratitude forever. I’ve put a button and a progress bar over in the side bar. Feel free to put the button on your own blog and link to this post if you’d like. The more we spread the word, the more hats we can collect.

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