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OK, so, I’m finally going to catch up on Blogstalking (or more like pick up again. I’m so far behind, I’m not even going to get anywhere near caught up).

Here we have my cousin Beth (the clown) and me (the teddy bear) on our very first Halloween. I was 5 weeks old, and I had a costume. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed a year since. 😀
And here, we have my most current – Saturday at Johnny Mac’s Halloween party.

Speaking of said party, we had a complete blast. And by “we”, I mean me, Kris, Turtlegirl (who drove up for the weekend) and Roxy and her hubby. It was a very Knitty party.

Costume highlights:
Annemarie as Troy Polamalu:

Her hubby John as Dr. C. Harry Beaver (The “C” stands for Clifford. Cristi asked.):

Cristi as a black and white movie (with me):

David as a MySpace page:

Drew as Ozzy Osbourne:

John administering “medication” to Greg the weightlifter:

Justin and Hannah, as Greenbelt Road and a Stoplight:

Their parents, Scott and Dawn, as Sick and Tired:

Ed (yes, as in EdFest) as a sewer worker:

Our host, Johnny Mac (left) and Duk (right) with the best shot of Ed ever:

Annemarie, again. I can’t even caption this one:

And the boys playing poker. That would be my hubby with the scarf on his head:

There are a couple of pictures I can’t get to work right now, but I’ll try to add them later.

I had an awesome, awesome weekend with Cristi – she is a total blast. She taught me to make her famous pattern-row counters, and I took her to Ikea. We are both very dedicated enablers. And on Sunday, we had lunch with Annemarie and Alice, which was a complete hoot. I can’t wait until she comes back for another visit! (*plots evilly to find Cristi a job up here so she can move for good*)

13 comments to Halloween!!!

  • turtlegirl76

    Awesome pics! The boys played poker? I completely missed that. Heh.

    And as long as I can stay in your yarn room while I find a place to live, I am so there. 😉

  • Bezzie

    Holy cow–that looks like a great time! Everyone came up with some really cool costume ideas! Impressive!

  • CBear

    What an awesome party!!!

    I’ve even seen a picture of you… shall I say – coming undone?


    I wish I could have been there!!!

  • Avrienne

    Those are a lot better ideas for costumes than I usually come up with. I especially love Sick and Tired–my husband and I might just steal that one someday!

  • Zonda

    Awesome Pics! Looks like you had a great time!!

  • Roxy

    I love you guys! We really DO need to ship Cristi up here for good – OMG what an awesome party!!!

    Fun for everyone and the costumes were just too fab – please please thank Mac for being such a great host — looking forward to EdFest!

    Thank you for being such an amazing friend. We really have a great knitty circle between us – Pam, Cristi, Alice — just so much love & fabulousness 😉

    See you next sNb/Guitar Hero2/CMT Karaoke hopefully soon!


  • Rain

    Love the bear outfit.

    Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  • Jo

    Great pictures – it looks like you had a wonderful party!

  • bethc

    Looks like a good time was had by all!

  • cathy

    What a fun party! I love all the costumes. THe baby picture is so cute 🙂

  • Penny Karma

    What clever costumes! I love it!

  • SiressYorkie

    Wow! I’m soo jealous! I LOVE costume parties and haven’t been to one in ages 🙁 . Your costume was GREAT…very hott yet historically educational.

    I LOVE the black and white movie…what a great idea.

    And dressing a kid up as 193?? *shudder*

  • Pyewacket

    Your friends all look like a hoot and a half, and the “Sick & Tired” costumes are BRILLIANT!