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Grey’s Anatomy KAL Project

OK, I finally remembered to scan in the picture of the sweater I am doing for the Grey’s Anatomy KAL.
The Handyman sweater, from Knitter’s Fall 2005 issue. The dark brown part will be done in black, and the mustard-yellow part will be done in grey. Woo hoo – my husband, the fashion wild man. 😀 (See also his Satchel and Cigar gloves)

I originally picked this sweater pattern for him because he does love woodworking, and the dove-tail-like detail where the colors meet up just seemed kinda cool. And since he decided on the grey/black color scheme, it is a perfect fit for the Grey’s KAL. Plus, this means I’ll finally make the dang thing.

OK, off to check on the chili I’m making for tonight’s dinner!

Oh – and anyone who is having formatting issues with the blog – I have no idea what is going on. I’m not seeing anything weird here, and I’ve tried to size the pictures down as best I can. Hopefully it will clear up soon. Until then, I’m sorry!

5 comments to Grey’s Anatomy KAL Project

  • Rain

    Are those with issues using IE? That might be the problem.

    Nice sweater choics btw>

  • turtlegirl76

    Quit blaming IE. Dammit. You mac/firefox people blame it all on IE. Heh.

    I honestly think it’s the pics across from each other on the same line. But maybe that’s just me. Meh.

    The sweater is interesting. I do like the dove tail join detail.

  • Trillian42

    Well, we BLAME IE because it WORKS in Firefox. 😀 Seriously – it’s working for me on the PC and the laptop in Firefox, and it’s funky in IE.

    And on mine, none of the pics are on the same line, so I’m guessing that’s a resolution issue?

  • Rebekah

    Oh that’s a great sweater, your husband look quite handsome in it.

    I’m not going to dare to show my husband that sweater though, because if I do, he’ll want me to knit it for him.

  • Lolly

    I had not seen that sweater, and I think it will look even better in the color scheme that you are planning! Very cool. I am making a sweater for my husband now – men’s sweaters take forever 🙂