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I Blame the Knittyboards

For what, you ask? This:
Seriously – if it weren’t for the Knittyboard, I would not have known that Smiley’s had discontinued Cotton-Ease for $1.99 a skein. OK, I guess I also have to blame Kris, because when I said something to him about a discontinued yarn that I like being available for about 60% off what it went for retail, he told me that I should stock up. So I did. Hee. That would be 20 skeins each of the 7 colors that Smiley’s has. Yes – 140 skeins of Cotton-Ease. That should last me for a while. I figure once I decide what I am doing with all of it, I’ll eventually swap some of what I am not going to use.

In other news, I totally missed last week’s “Does It Float” assignment for Blogstalking. The week just sort of got away from me. So, I am being better this week.

Bezzie’s son Chunky declared that this week, we should take pictures of our feet. So, here are mine, complete with fresh polish!
Feet are strange. I find that people have very unique relationships with their feet. I’ve spent most of my life wearing cheap shoes from Payless et. al, and not thinking twice about it. I have a friend who has problems with her feet, so she tries to be careful about what shoes she wears (not that she doesn’t wear cute shoes – she just buys ones that are better-constructed as a rule). Lately, I have become addicted to my Birkenstocks. I have three pair (brown Bostons, taupe Arizonas, and black Rios), and I have worn them almost exclusively since I got them.

When I was born, my feet were misshapen. They turned in. I don’t mean they turned at the heel and I was pigeon-toed, I mean that my feet actually bent about halfway between my heels and toes. So, for a while, I wore a brace on them. I don’t remember it, obviously, but I think that there have been some long-term consquences from the brace. Most people, when they stand, put their weight on the pads of their toes. My big toes curl upward, so I actually stand on the knuckles of my toes. You can see what I mean in the picture to the right – I am not curling my toes. They just do that. Almost every pair of shoes I have has a little spot above the toes where my big toenail rubs against it. Plus, it is murder on pantyhose. (Yet another excuse not to wear them. Hee.) I have noticed, though, that the way my Birks fit seems to have lessened how much they curl. I’ll be interested to see if that continues as I keep wearing them.

Random thing from last weekend that has been bugging me. Thursday night, we went to see our friend Hillary in a dinner-theatre show. She is understudying at a production of “Beehive” at the Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre south of DC, and she was guaranteed a certain number of performances. Thursday was her first, so we of course wanted to be there. If you aren’t familiar with “Beehive”, it is a revue-type show that focuses on female singers and groups from the 1960’s. Through the show, each of the women in the cast takes on a variety of different roles. Toward the very end of the show, Hillary does a bit as Janis Joplin. Not an easy person to replicate, realistically, and Hill did a great job. After the show, we waited to say hello to her, and right before she got over to us, two women stopped her and said something. She looked a little puzzled, and when she told us what one of the women had said, we knew why. This woman (who didn’t know Hillary from Adam), took the time to stop her to compliment her on the show, and then felt the need to add “Janis wasn’t my favorite, though.” WTF?!?! If you want to deliberately stop a performer to compliment them on a show, why the hell would you feel the need to criticize a portion of it? Honestly, I did community theatre for years, so I know that not everyone is going to enjoy every show. I’m ok with that. But really, unless you are an actual critic, why the hell would you feel it necessary to say something like that to someone who has just worked her tail off to entertain you? Grr.

Other than that, still making progress on the Christmas knitting, along with a project for my CASP. None of which I can show here, of course. *Sigh*

14 comments to I Blame the Knittyboards

  • Batty

    Nice yarn!

    Nice feet, too. Pretty polish. I can never put that stuff on without getting it all over my skin. And obviously, the braces worked. There’s nothing wrong with your feet now!

  • mf

    Nice feet! but really ZI don’t hink you have quite enough cotton ease there…….Did you purchase it al?

  • turtlegirl76

    Holy shit. 20 skeins of each?!? I bow down before thee. I only got 6 of each and thought that was a bit much. Now I feel better.

  • Rebekah

    Wow now that is a stash acquisition.

  • aija

    My goodness, that’s a lot of yarn! Good for you for bringing it home and making it feel loved 🙂

  • Cheesy Knit Wit

    Nice haul on the cotton!!!!

  • betzig

    140 skeins, your hubby rocks. I think mine would finally be pushed the edge. (We won’t talk about the silk I just bought. It was on sale, I promise.) Of course, if there is still any left perhaps I should stock up on just a little…

    As for your friend’s performance, maybe the woman meant that Janis Joplin (not Hillary as Janis) wasn’t her favorite performer, not necessarily not her favorite part of the show. That would make sense if she stopped Hillary to compliment her.

  • Magatha

    Show us your feet! Argh. Not everyone has feet as lovely as yours, curly toes and all. The tasks the blogites get up to. I mean, REALLY! 😉

    Also, everyone’s a critic! Not everyone loved the real JJ. She was a tough one to swallow for many. So, an impersonator or interpreter of the “Janis” thing is going to get some of that vibe.

  • Mtwelovett

    Maybe they meant the real Janis Joplin wasn’t one of their favorite singers from the 60’s.

    *Lord won’t ye buy me some discounted yarn… * 😉

    nice stash enhancement…

  • SiressYorkie

    PamFeet! PamFeet! We all love the PamFeet!

    My feet are so boring, although I do I have very high arches, so when I walk barefoot in the sand, the shape really does resemble a question mark…

    Here endeth Yorkie’s Useless Trivia for the day.

  • Rain

    Are you sure you got enough?

  • Qeltic

    I look at it this way, this random person is no where near as good as your friend and often jealousy has a lot to do with critical comments like that. Or … it could be she’s not a fan of Janis herself. Your friend is working, that says a lot in and of itself right there.

    Jealous of the stash of yarn, pretties!

  • Karen

    That is some serious stash enhancement there!!

  • Zonda

    Yikes!! WTG! Sure beats my CE stash! I’ve been good and not going there…now I don’t have too LOL…..um hey you there LOL! (just kidding, don’t need any yet ;)!