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Blogstalking – Dinner preparation

So, since I was planning to make one of my favorite recipes anyway, I decided to make it my blogstalking post for the week. So, without further ado, Alton Brown’s Fried Chicken, a photo essay.

Two chickens, dismantled.
A buttermilk bath.
A coating of spices.
A dredging of flour.
A rest.
A hot oil bath.
Halfway to heaven.
Golden brown and delicious.

18 comments to Blogstalking – Dinner preparation

  • Batty

    You make this on a weeknight! Yum!
    *drools uncontrollably*

  • Ali

    Yeh, what Batty said “a weeknight”! You are a great woman cooking real fried chicken during the week. 🙂

  • Kate

    yummmm i want dinner!!!!!!!!

  • Qeltic

    Oh man! That looks great. Now I have to re-think what I want for dinner … hmmmm!

  • cpurl17

    Yumm, it looks delicious! You are indeed, a great woman–not only cooking on a weeknight, but during a heatwave!

  • Libi

    I’m making the same thing for tonight! Mine is resting in the buttermilk as we speak. I didn’t get a pick of the cutting up, but as my son said…ewww.

  • Sherry W

    I use the same receipe!
    “*bwak!* Fry some more!”

  • Zonda

    OMG! I am like so drooling right now!! Awesome! 🙂

  • Karen

    Mmmmm….I got no other words. Mmm….

  • Rain

    Mmmmmmmmmm looks good!

  • turtlegirl76

    Oh yum. That looks so awesome!

  • Megan

    I totally shouldn’t be looking at these pictures while hungry…(and I <3 Alton Brown).

  • Jo

    Omigod – my mouth was literally watering as I read your post! I love Alton Brown – Willow and I watch him together all the time as it is something me and the 4 year old can watch together and understand… and it isn’t a bloody cartoon!

  • Bezzie

    Oh man, delicious! But no scientific commentary like Alton Brown? 😉

    I wish it wasn’t so hot here, I’d totally be frying some chicken tonite!

  • bradyphrenia

    mmmm. i love fried chicken! i only eat it about twice a year. you’re making me long for it again.

  • bryghtrose

    YUM! I love AB’s recipes, but I’ve yet to make his fried chicken. That’s one of my favorite episodes. I’m starving now….

  • hellahelen

    OMG YOU MADE ME HUNGRY!!! What kind of spices? What kind of oil? How long is the buttermilk bath? Is that a standard-issue cast iron frying pan I spy?

    So–do you serve this deliciousness with homemade mashed potatoes and country gravy, like my coworker did every Sunday as her kids were growing up?


  • Rebekah

    Yum. don’t you just love Alton.