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Cross Your Fingers…

… because I’m going to attempt to kitchener these babies.
Here’s hoping I manage to do this without any major issues. For some reason, kitchener stitch eludes me.

I got a lovely set of stitch markers from sgeddes in today’s mail.
Thank you, Shannon! I love them!

Seriously, this Stitch Marker Swap has been such fun. I love seeing what everyone has come up with! There has been some discussion of doing another round. I have gobs of markers now, but I am so tempted to join in again anyway…

ETA: I did it!!!
And with that, a finished pair of Pomatomus socks!
I did modify the pattern slightly by only doing two repeats of the pattern on the cuff instead of three. I was afraid I might run out of yarn. I’m still not totally sure I wouldn’t have, although I have some left over now. Other than that, I followed the pattern, heel flap and all. =)

9 comments to Cross Your Fingers…

  • Valerie

    You’ll do fine! Kitchener really isn’t bad. Of course, I tried to do it last night at 10:30 after having a beer, and I’m going to have to redo it. But you’ll be fine, I promise! 🙂

  • Bezzie

    I think I do kirchener right, but it just never *feels* right to me. I’ve converted to a three needle bind off.

    Great fall-y colors you have on those socks!

  • Zonda

    Nice work there! Yay!!You did the K-stitch and it looks good!

  • Kate

    well done on the big K stitch- I must admit it stumped me for a while and i avoided it like seaming but it does look good!!!

  • Rain

    Fingers duly crossed. They look great especially in that yarn.

    The stitch markers are so pretty.

  • Karen

    Great looking Pomas!! Yay for kitchener!

  • Mtwelovett

    YAY Pam!!!

    Your socks look great! GO Kitchner! I do like that pattern too, but first, I’m doing the cigar gloves for my DSO. (his hands get cold when he has to change out the frozen foods tags at the store.) looking good.

  • AnneV

    Great job, both the socks in general and especially the kitchener stitch. I’ve been following your blog for a while but never commented before. Couldn’t find your e-mail anywhere, I’d like to ask you something (and don’t worry, I’m neither a spammer nor a stalker).

  • snowdrop

    Those socks are gorgeous… The colours! This is the pattern I’m going to attempt next, thanks for giving me hope!