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Objets d’Art

OK, since this is “objets d’art” week in Blogstalking, I guess I should find some, eh?

This is my favorite piece of art in the house.
(Not the shawl, the chair) That is what is referred to in my family as the “Ugly Face Chair”. It belonged to my maternal grandparents and used to sit in their living room next to the tv. When I was a kid, it freaked the crap out of me. I used to make sure that someone (else) was sitting in it, so I didn’t actually see its face. As I got older, I realized how cool it was. When my grandfather passed away in 1997, I told my mother that I really wanted the chair, because it has such clear memories of Grandma and Grandpa associated with it.

Some of the art that I want to have in the house someday are these:

My brother, in addition to being a hair stylist, is also an artist. He has always been super-artistic, where I can’t draw a decent stick figure. (Not to say I’m not creative – I mean art in the sense of drawing and painting.) Anyway, these are a few of his (He has more posted on his MySpace page). He and I are trying to figure out a way to get a canvas from Las Vegas to Maryland without incurring massive shipping costs or having it damaged in transit. Until then, I just check them out on his page.

Now I just have to find the most disturbing objet d’art in the house… We have a lot of geek-centric stuff (Kris’s small collection of wizard stuff, etc.), but I’m thinking that I probably have to bite the bullet and admit that my Oz collection is probably the most disturbing.

Truth be told, I don’t find it disturbing, but when Yorkie was here, she made me promise that if she ended up staying with us, that I had to be sure the Tin Man wasn’t looking at her. And she hadn’t even seen the room yet. I guess I should take that as a hint that maybe it is a little disturbing. =)

And thank you all for your sweet comments on the stitch markers. I really do enjoy making them. And who knows? Maybe I’ll take Ali’s suggestion and start selling them or something. =)

ETA: Today’s mail brought me another set of swap stitchmarkers! Check out the gorgeous ones Turtlegirl sent me!! She said that the Knit Happens colors now make her think of me (since that was our original plan when she came up to visit), so she felt these were appropriate. I love them! Thank you, Cristi!!

17 comments to Objets d’Art

  • turtlegirl76

    I have those little figurines! The broom head keeps falling off the stick, but otherwise, I love ’em! My sister has quite a vast collection as well. She played the Wicked Witch of the West in the High School play of it. Boy, did she ever get the cackle down. Freaky.

    Oh, and your stitchmarkers from me should be there soon if not today!

  • Sherry W

    OK, I admit the figures that looklike they are trapped under glass are kinda freaky. 🙂

  • bryghtrose

    I love that chair. It reminds me of carvins I saw in churches in Ireland.

  • Libi

    I don’t think I could sit or eat in the same room as that chair! I love all the Oz stuff. Cool.

  • turtlegirl76

    Yay! They made it! I’m so glad you like them. They were my favorite of the bunch. =)

  • Karen

    The chair is a bit creepy…but the wizard of oz! I love that movie!!

  • Kate

    i love the chair, and the stitchmarkers but will admit to being a little shocked at the amount of oz memorabilia! i never knew people collected them- decent collection though

  • Rain

    I love the chair, but can more than understand why it freaked you out as a kid.

  • LadyLungDoc

    Your collection is far less extensive than DH’s Star Wars collection was.

    I schlepped a painting from BC to Ontario as checked baggage on a plane. Does your brother ever fly out to visit you?

    Those are great stitchmarkers!

  • Zonda

    Wow, cool chair, and I too would have been afraid. As for the Oz collectibles, cool (although the monkey’s freaked me out when I was little!)

    Gorgeous stitchmarkers!

  • Batty

    I love that chair! Reminds me of medieval stuff, and medieval stuff is good (which is why I’m also a medievalist, but I digress).

    Some serious Wizard of Oz-age, too. I love your art!

  • Ali

    The chair is very cool. I like the Wiazrd of OZ, it’s tradition for me during Thanksgiving. My first ever blog I did was a refence to that movie.

    Turtlegirl’s markers are gorgeous.

  • SuzannaBanana

    I like how happy the chair seems to be about wearing the shawl.

    Your brother’s work is fantastic. I love the deep red canvas with the dark triangle. It looks like it be right at home in the lobby of a wine bar.

  • Megan

    I think your chair scares me. I love turtle’s markers, though.

  • metal and knit

    love it all and you have great oz stuff. I guess my teddies wholive in the bxes are boring in comaprison

  • zibibbo

    What a freakin awesome chair!

    Wonderful you have something that reminds you of your grands 🙂

  • Jo

    I don’t think it is an ugly face chair – although I might think the eyes are following me sometimes!