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Happy Birthday, Alex

See this beautiful little boy? His name is Alex. Today would have been his first birthday, but he died on December 8 of last year. His mother Kirsten is my dearest friend in the world, and my heart breaks every day at the thought that this wonderful little guy was taken from her.

Alex was in the home of his day-care provider when he suffered the injuries that claimed his life. That woman was charged and arrested and will be tried for felony child abuse resulting in death. His mother has set up a blog to keep people informed of the status of the case – Justice for Alex.

So, if you could, take a moment today to say a little prayer for Alex and his family. It’s going to be a hard day for them. Thanks.

9 comments to Happy Birthday, Alex

  • Ali

    That is heart-wrenching. Oh God, why did this happen to that precious child and your friends? I’ll say a prayer that peace comes to your friend.

  • Pyewacket

    Yakko is 3.5, and Wakko is 10 months. Close to the ages that Kristen’s boys should be. My heart breaks whenever I think of your friend’s stolen child.

    I thank my husband about once a month for the sacrifices he was willing to make so that I could be a full-time caregiver to our children. I’ll thank him again today.

    May God bless and comfort Alex’s family. Today must be incredibly difficult.

  • Cheesy Knit Wit

    How disturbing. I will post a link on my blog so others will read it.

    God Bless the family!

  • Kim

    I’m so sorry for your friend. my heart goes out to her and her family (and you too).

  • Monica

    I’m so sorry for your friend. No parent should have to go through that.

  • deety

    It’s so sad to think of anyone that we trust with children abusing that privilege. I hope he gets his justice, but more than that I hope that his family can eventually find peace.

  • Annie

    What a tragedy and I am so sorry to hear of it, my heart goes out to the family. I simply can not understand the taking of such a young life.

  • Rebekah

    OH my goodness, how horrible. It’s scary what can happen to our children. I can’t even imagine what your friend must be goign through. My thoughts and prayers will be with your friend today.

  • AliceC

    Oh, Pam…how sad…i had no idea. My thoughts are with all of you who loved this baby.