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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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First of all, an apology to Joanna – I promised her pics of the finished (Yay!) Prosperous Plum tank yesterday. Unfortunately, I was taking care of a sick hubby all day and didn’t have a chance to take any.

He’s fine now – Kris and Jen and I went sailing with our friends Mary and Dave (and their oh-too-cute Beagle, Pooky) on Saturday, and hubby was in charge of the grill. Unfortunately, he was handling raw meat and didn’t wash his hands, which he then used to eat. So… food poisoning! Thankfully minor, but he felt like crap until last night. On the upside, he managed not to get motion sick, thanks to the ginger root pills he took on the advice of the Mythbusters. Seriously – he was once sick for 3 days after riding the Spider at an amusement park, and he was completely fine on the boat. Amazing stuff. I think he’s going to see if it helps when we go to Kennywood over Memorial Day weekend with some friends. (And yes, I know he could take Dramamine, but it really makes him spacey, and he hates it.)

OK, OK, I know why you are here – pictures! First of all, here is the Tammy Shrug in Cotton Tape. I still need to do some sort of edging to stabilize it a bit, but I’ve worn it like this. I really enjoyed working with the yarn, and have been trying reeeeally hard not to order any from elann, since they have it for cheap, and it is discontinued. I don’t have any specific patterns in mind for it, so I don’t need it. If I come up with something, I might break down and order it on my next YFC free day. (I am bound and determined to behave until then. I will NOT be forced to admit that yarn is stonger than me.) If anyone has any pattern rec’s, feel free to pass them along, of course. =)

Next, the moment you have all been waiting for (Just let me keep deluding myself, ok?) – the completed Prosperous Plum Tank! Again, let me rave for a moment about this pattern – well-written and lots of fun to knit. Very flattering fit (provided I remember not to wear some obnoxiously colored bra under it. Lace – duh) I promise – modeled shots will follow at some point when I am not here by myself. Or possibly this weekend at MDS&W, where I am planning to wear it.

On that note, I wasn’t sure if the weather was going to allow me to wear a tank top, and I really didn’t want to cover it with a jacket or (my usual fallback) a denim shirt. So, I looked at the Cotton Fleece I had left (bought 6, used less than 3 on the tank), and I thought… I remembered the edging on the Knit Picks Leaf-Edged Bolero, and I thought… and I considered the Baby Boleros I have been making, and I thought some more… the result of all that thinking? The lovely pile there on the left – my very own bolero. I used the basic proportions of the One Skein Baby Bolero, sized up to fit not-baby-sized me, and including some design elements of the tank. The cable/lace pattern runs up the edges of the fronts (A la the Leaf Edged Bolero) and then down the back (like on the tank), and the sleeves will have the same picot hem as the tank. I am trying to get this done so that I can wear both of them on Saturday. If the bolero turns out ok, I might even put the pattern up here eventually.

While I was taking pictures on the back deck this morning, I decided to share a “dumb dog” story. A couple of weeks ago, we went to let the dogs in the house, and we couldn’t find Meeko (seen here looking terribly innocent). She is our escape artist, and has dug under the fence on one or two occasions. She also likes to hide under the back deck, which was where we checked first. Eventually, we did locate her under the porch, but we couldn’t get her to come out. Meeko has seizures, which are mostly controlled by medication. Once or twice a year, she will still have one. What we think happened was that she went under the porch and proceeded to have a seizure, and twisted around just enough to get herself stuck. The result?
Kris had to use the circular saw (set to a blade depth of exactly the thickness of the boards- don’t worry) to cut a hole in the porch and extricate her. Why two holes? We guessed wrong the first time on where she was. So… we’ll be replacing those boards at some point. *sigh*

And in the spirit of equal airtime – Ginger and Lola lounging in the grass. I assume Ginger is trying to see if she can pick up any more bits of nature with her unbelievably velcro-esque fur.

Oh, and for those of you hoping for fishie pics, I keep telling Kris that there is a demand, but I can’t get him to put in the webcam just yet. Maybe eventually.

ETA: Does anyone else wish Blogger had a “Preview” capability for posts? I’ve edited this thing about 5 times to get the pictures to lay out nicely. Grr.

12 comments to Stuff and Nonsense

  • Ava

    Great work on the tank! Can’t wait for the pattern modifications! Soon, I hope?

  • CBear

    Hey sweetie! GREAT WORK on that tank! I think I will have to work that one up… do you know when she will have the pattern available?

    When I am posting in blogger – I do have a preview option… it’s right under the tab that says COMPOSE or HTML — it will show it as a preview – but once it puts the post into your frames it changes a bit…

  • Trillian42

    Not sure when Joanna is going to have the pattern mod up – I know she has a couple of other people test-knitting, so I assume she is going to wait for them.

    (And I’ve used the Blogger preview function – I meant one more like when you preview changes in your template and it actually shows what you will see. The one they have now is less than ideal. So much so that I forget it’s even there. =))

  • Annie

    That tank is really cool!

  • Zonda

    Great job on the Tank! Can’t wait for the pattern! The bolero is going to be cool too!

    Hope your dog is better! Oh and Kris too!

  • Jen

    As Kris’s compadre in food-borne illness this weekend… good Lord, that was MINOR?

    The tank looks great! Can’t wait to see it!

  • allisonmariecat

    Lovely tank! Looking forward to seeing the modeled pics.

  • Joanna

    Hey, no apologies necessary at ALL – I was so busy yesterday I’m not sure I would have had time to look at them anyway! Glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. 🙂 The tank looks great, I can’t wait to see it on – and the bolero is too cool! Also, for everyone else who posted comments here… I am waiting for my other test knitters. I think if I have one other person finish it and tell me it’s okay, that will be good enough and I’ll post the mods.

  • Jerry & Maxy

    Great looking tank! I look forward to modeled pics.

  • Penny Karma

    Wow! That is really beautiful! Great job!!

  • Brittany

    I love love love the tank! Looks so great! Can’t wait to see it on.

    I’m glad to hear that Kris is feeling better now.

    Poor Meeko, getting herself stuck under the porch. Give her a hug for me.

  • String Bean

    Wow. I love that tank top. I may just have to nkit me one. Ingenius bolero idea, too. Please share when you’re done.

    A webcam? In the fishtank? How neat.

    Is your puppy alright? I’d be a bundle of nerves. As for velcro dogs: I’m just glad both my dogs are fairly short-haired.