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Knitting Olympics Pattern

So, I finally decided just to scan in the picture from my copy of KnitSimple, rather than looking for one online.

This is the sweater I am making for the Knitting Olympics, in the maroon/pink yarn pictured here.

I have also decided that, as my self-challenge warm-up to the Olympics, I am going to have Kris’s socks finished before Friday. I got a fair amount done on them while watching the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl (like more than I have done in the *mumble* months since I started them). It seemed that the more stressed I got, the faster I worked on them. I am about halfway done, and therefore to the heel portion (hee – I typed “hell” at first. Foreshadowing?), and I am fairly sure that I can get them done over the next few days. The ribbing on the cuff will slow me down some, but I can do it.

Will update later with swatches, once I finish the socks.

ETA: Swatch! (And no, the socks aren’t done yet. I wanted to play for a bit)

3 comments to Knitting Olympics Pattern

  • rincaro

    I just wanna reach out and pet your swatch!

  • Zonda

    ditto! I love the colors…is it 2 different yarns or one?? inquiring minds want to know LOL!

  • Trillian42

    It’s actually 3! Most of it is the Paton’s Lacette. The 2 darker stripes with the metallic bits are the Paton’s Silverlash, and the stripe at the top is the Paton’s Glittalic.

    And I must say, for a very-highly-synthetic bunch of yarn, it’s quite soft. =)