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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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I should say something profound…

… since I’m now a blogger with 200+ posts, but, yeah. Profound is not so much “me”. Silly, yes. Full of ridiculously bad jokes, absolutely. But profound, nah.

Aaaaaaanyway. I’m participating in the Sock Swap over on the Knittyboards, and the yarn I ordered for my swap pal Jenneke arrived yesterday. One of the advantages […]

I am so glad…

… that so many of you are amused by my father. I told you he was nuts. 😀 And yes, I’ve been working on the hat, but no, there will not be pictures until he gets it. I want him to be surprised.

In other news, I promised pictures of the RAK that Ali sent […]


Or, if you prefer, “Catsup”. 😀 Yeah, it’s another catch-up post. And there are a LOT of pictures. If you’re on dialup, you might want to go get some tea. Or possibly lunch. 😀

First, my overdue Fiber Stash Flash: Across the top, three silk hankies from MD Sheep and Wool. Below that, some lovely […]

It’s Almost Friday!

So, you’re getting your pr0n dose a little early this week.

This is what happens when I go to my SnB and leave some yarn for my hubby to photograph while I’m gone.

KnitPicks Gloss in “Woodland Sage”, surrounded by “Dusk” Handpaintedyarns.com laceweight in “Dusty Olive”, hanks and wound (Thank you, klinska, for the awesome […]

I Blame the Knittyboards

For what, you ask? This: Seriously – if it weren’t for the Knittyboard, I would not have known that Smiley’s had discontinued Cotton-Ease for $1.99 a skein. OK, I guess I also have to blame Kris, because when I said something to him about a discontinued yarn that I like being available for about 60% […]

Yorkie Day!

Yes, that’s right – you need to be jealous – I got to spend yesterday with the Siress herself, knittyboard’s own Yorkshire Gal. Which makes this the third week in a row I’ve spent hanging with a non-local Knittyhead, now that I think about it. Hee!

I picked her up yesterday and we headed over […]

I’m Growing Gills

I swear it – if it doesn’t stop raining around here soon, I’m going to sprout freaking gills. So far, we’ve been lucky and not had any actual damage (an advantage of not having a basement), but I’m just so very, very sick of rain and gray skies, and getting soaked every time I run […]

Playing Catch-Up

Let’s see… I know I owe Kennywood pictures, so for those of you who are interested, Kris has a flickr set here. It’s not all of them just yet, but he’s going to put the rest of them up soon.

Also – current knitting progress. I have put my One Skein Tank in time out […]

Twice in One Day!

OK, so I probably could have waited and posted this tomorrow, but I’m certainly not the first to post twice in one day. =)

So, I had put a couple of things out for the mailman today, and I wanted to check to see if they had been picked up yet. When I opened the […]

Admit It – You’re Jealous

Not of my fabulous spinning skillz (heh) – but of my new niddy-noddy that my darling hubby made for me last night.

See? Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a one-yard size – he already has plans to make me a 1-1/2 yard one and a 2-yard one. =) There are a couple of tweaks that we […]