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I'm a married knitter, crocheter, and newbie spinner living in the Maryland suburbs with my photographer- computer geek hubby, 3 cats, and 3 dogs. And yarn. A LOT of yarn. Just ask my hubby.


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CW2, Colors, Take 2

Okay, it looks like options 1 and 3 were the winners (since 2 and 4 got a whopping one vote each…). However, I’ve gotten some alternate suggestions!

So, to refresh:

Option 1 Peaseblossom, Sherbet, Rhodonite, Firebird, Fire on the Mountain

Option 3 Peaseblossom, Sherbet, Rhodonite, Knitty Rocks, Fire on the Mountain

The new options:


The Problem With Charlotte’s Web?

It’s freaking ADDICTIVE! I so enjoyed making the first one that now I want to do another. And I think I’ve decided to. I’ve decided to use up some of my stash of Socks that Rock Lightweight to make a nice big version of the Charlotte’s Web – still five colors, but more repeats in […]

Mystery Stole 3 KAL Poll

So, I have 4 potential options for the yarn/bead combo for my Mystery Stole. I’ve got Zephyr silk/wool in two different colors, and 2 different colors of beads. I hoped that when they arrived, I’d have and instant “Aha!” moment and known which one to use. In truth, not so much the case. So, I’m […]

Green Pr0n

Thank you for the good wishes on overcoming my cold. It’s definitely improving. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to sleep without being propped up to prevent coughing. I definitely have my appetite back, too.

This is the last of the pre-MDS&W pr0n I have stockpiled, so you’ll have to wait until next week to start […]

Haaaaave you met Morrigan?

(Anyone else a fan of “How I Met Your Mother“? Barney’s game of “Haaaaaave you met Ted?” Anyone?)

So, on my StitchDC trip, I finally scored a copy of the elusive No Sheep For You by the oh-so-fabulous Amy Singer. In flipping through it, I found this:

(Photo ganked from here, the blog of the […]

Stitch DC Pr0n, take 2

Some more goodies from my trip to Stitch DC two weeks ago.

Laines du Nord Mulberry Silk in “Berry Multi”:

No clue what it is going to be, but isn’t it gorgeous? I thought about making a silk Branching Out, but I realized that the colors are very similar to the bamboo one I […]

Stitch DC Pr0n!

Some of the goodies from my trip to Stitch DC last weekend.

Some Hemp for Knitting Allhemp6 in “Lilac”, which will be combined with the same in “Deep Sea” (a nice deep blue) to make “The Bag” from No Sheep for You.

And finally, some Hemp for Knitting Allhemp3 in “Sprout”, which will be […]

Vacation Yarn Pr0n

By the rules in this article from Knitty, this qulifies as Souvenir Yarn because I bought it at Great Yarns in Raleigh last weekend with Mtwelovett, but I do actually have plans for it. 😀

My very first Malabrigo! Yes, I know – it sounds crazy, but I’ve honestly not owned any before now. It’s […]

More Fleece Artist Pr0n

The second colorway of the Fleece Artist Merino Sock that we featured last week: “Cosmic Dawn”, chosen by Kris for socks for him. (What can I say? He likes funky socks. Yay!)

Full skein: Pr0nny closeups:

And my other purchase from Little Knits, some Tilli Tomas Silk Chenille in “Ruby Wine”. […]

Baby New Year Yarn Pr0n!

Wow… THAT could be taken so very badly…

Anyway, welcome to the first YPF of 2007! This week, we feature some Noro Kureyon I picked up from Little Knits (We *heart* Little Knits!!!) to go with some purchased earlier for Lizard Ridge.

First, color #170

And three shots of color #164

Have […]