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I’ve been to a fair number of weddings in my life.  The first one I remember was that of my dad’s cousin Georgie when I was probably 12 or so, maybe even younger.  There have been family weddings, friends’ weddings, Catholic weddings, Protestant weddings, secular weddings, weddings in churches, halls, and even one at the Philadelphia Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (and yes, that was as awesome as you’d think).  There have been big weddings and small weddings, black tie and casual.  There was even my own wedding, twelve years and two weeks ago.

Today, however was a very, very special wedding.  Just a couple of hours ago, Kris and I were fortunate enough to be included in the wedding of two very dear friends of ours, friends we met through our association with Prince George’s Little Theatre.  After seventeen years together, thanks to rulings in DC and Maryland, our wonderful friends Roy and Billy were at last able to make their union official.  They were legally married in Washington, DC yesterday, and today their marriage was blessed at their church near here in Glenn Dale, MD.  (Maryland does not yet allow same-sex marriages, but will acknowledge those performed in states where they are legally recognized.)

To see these two men together, one cannot doubt that they were destined to find one another and spend their lives together.  They are so different in many ways – one tall and thin and the other short and stocky, one gregarious and the other much quieter – and yet they are such a perfect fit.  When the ceremony started, and I saw them standing together at the back of the church, holding hands and with the most amazing expressions of love and happiness on their faces, tears immediately sprang to my eyes.

I feel so very blessed to have been a part of this amazing day.  I know that many who oppose marriage equality claim that it will devalue “traditional” marriages, but I have to say that for me, I have never felt more married to my beloved husband than I did when I got to see these two amazing men finally get to be recognized as just as much a couple as we are.

Congratulations, Roy and Billy.  We love you both very much, and we are so thankful that we are a part of your lives, and that we were there for this wonderful step.

Roy and Billy

13 comments to Weddings

  • Life is too short. And finding someone to share that short blip in time is a hard, hard journey. Blessings on your friends and earnest wishes for the best years of their lives together.

  • bezzie

    Wow! I’m very impressed they remembered the day they met–the exact date. I can give you a circa, but not an exact date!

  • What a fantastic story. And I agree with you completely — I simply can’t understand how two people who love each other threaten my marriage if they happen to be same-sex. Congrats to your friends. Glad their special day was so special for you, too!

  • Rebel

    Kelly said it best, life is short. I’m glad they’ve found each other and have such loving and supportive friends to celebrate their commitment with them. Yay for love!

  • Peri

    Soul encompassing love, is love no matter where it falls. But then growing up in Brighton (UK) I suppose acceptance of same sex marriage is now so normal I’m always amazed when I read how different it is in other parts of the world.
    I wish them both the longest and deepest happiness in the world.

  • Long overdue congrats to the happy couple. I’ve never understood the idea that same sex marriage somehow dilutes the meaning of marriage.

  • Roy and Billy

    What wonderful comments from your friends but most of all what a beautiful statement you made with this amazing reflection on weddings, marriage and specifically our celebrations this weekend. It is Billy and I who are the lucky ones to be able to have such dear and amazing friends. It does not hurt that you are a thoughtful, emotional and talented writer who can put down in words such an elegant reflection on life and love. We hope that 12 years and two weeks from now we will look into each others eyes and see the love that we see in your faces every time we see you and Kris looking at each other. Ain’t Love Grand!

  • congratulations to the happy couple!!! Love is wonderful?

  • Very beautifully put, Pam. 🙂 Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Aaaaw, I don’t even know them, and I’m all teary-eyed! All the best to the newlyweds.

  • Yorkie

    Awwwwww…! *fribble*

  • Amanda

    Love! Congrats to Roy and Billy and wishing them many many many years of happiness!

  • Sunnyknitter

    Everyone has already voiced my thoughts. Love is love, period. If you find someone that makes your life complete, then hang on to them regardless of what anyone else thinks. I wish Roy and Billy every happiness possible.