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Yeah, I totally see why Jesh likes that word.  It’s just kind of fun.  😀

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get to test-knit this pattern for her adorable sideways-knit mittens, Skeuomorph.

I had dragonfly buttons in my stash (shocking, I know), and I think they look perfect on the garter-stitch cuffs.


Cozy hands!


They are a super-quick knit, too.  I cast the first one on Monday, and the second yesterday.  Even after ripping out a finished thumb (because I had a pattern-reading brain fart on the buttonholes), I’ve still got finished mittens in less than a week!

I did tweak them slightly, because my gauge was a little bigger than hers.  So, if I had left the thumbs where they were written, I’d have 2 or 3 inches of mitten flopping above my fingertips.  So, I just shifted them up 10 stitches, and grafted the 10 together below the thumbs, instead of just grafting everything together above the thumbs (That will make sense once you go buy the adorable pattern).  And yes, you read that right – I GRAFTED.  And I did it without stabbing my eyes out!  And it looks GOOD!

What do I think of them? I think you can tell. 😀


Thanks, Jesh, for letting me test this for you – it’s an awesome pattern!

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