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Pirate Baby Grrrrrrrl

So, I figure it’s safe to post this, because our friends Irene and Dave are currently at the hospital, where Irene is busy giving birth to their first baby, a little girl.  Irene is a HUGE pirate nut.  So, I knew that baby Cristin was going to need something appropriate.  The Baby’s First Tattoo pattern to the rescue!


I used Encore Worsted (washable and all, you know), so my gauge was different than the pattern.  I used the numbers for the three month size with the lengths for the twelve month, figuring that would get me close to the 12 month size, and I could give her a sweater that would last for a while.  This was my first time using Encore, and I was VERY impressed with it. It knit up beautifully, and I like that it’s washable.

You might notice something else in that picture.  I didn’t knit the booties.  Those were a commission from an awesome friend from the Knittyboard – Poops!  I told her what I was planning for the sweater, and asked if she could do an appropriately-themed pair of her awesome booties to go with it.  When the envelope arrived, I about fell over.  She totally went above and beyond with these.


Seriously – are they not the cutest things you have ever seen?  She’s brilliant, and I think Irene is going to love them, too.  It’s the little whale on the treasure map foot that just kills me.

ETA: And I just looked on Facebook and saw that baby Cristin arrived just an hour ago!  Congrats Irene and Dave!!!

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