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OK, first, I don’t think OMGTHEWORLDISENDING as soon as they call for snow. I grew up in Pittsburgh and lived in Meadville. I’ve done snow. The difference is that in PA, they have the equipment and infrastructure to HANDLE snow. Hell, through most of the winter when I was a kid, we knew the school bus was coming because we could hear the chains on the tires. Here? Not so much. I’d bet a lot of MD natives wouldn’t have a clue what that sound was. 🙂 So, yes, I know that to the midwest and Buffalo, this is nothing. But talk to me when YOU live somewhere where this happens once every 10 years (to this degree – we do get snow once or twice a year, but it’s gone in a day or two), and you’ll be singing a different tune. 😀

Plus, really, I just think “snowpocalypse” is the funniest word ever.

Anyway, I decided to snap a few pictures this morning. I would have yesterday, but it snowed all. Day. Long. Seriously – it didn’t stop until after Kris and I went to bed at 11. It looks like we got about 18″ or so here at the house.

The stump from Big Giant Tree.  Yes, it’s still here, and no, I don’t want to talk about it.


The fence along the side of our yard. And yes, that’s an Off Mosquito Lantern. Don’t think we need it at the moment.


The green bench, next to the stump.  I was amused by the pile on the cement post behind it.


The side part of the back yard – too deep for the dogs to slog over there.  The Testicle Toss set is a good gauge on the depth – that bottom rung is about 2 feet off the ground.


The red maple in the front yard.  The footprints are mine.  I was cleaning off Kris’s Jeep so we could move it off the street so it didn’t interfere with the plows (who seem to only have gone down the middle of the street anyway…), and I set the stupid alarm off.  So I had to slog up to the house to get my keys.


Hoban (Kris’s Focus) and Kaylee (my Fit), buried in the driveway.  The Jeep is on the other side of them, in the yard.


We shoveled this yesterday, using a little mini snowblower that belonged to my grandfather.  It helped, although you can see that another 6 inches or so fell after that.


The paths forged by the dogs and us.  The snow shovel and blower were in the shed.  Probably not a wise plan – should have moved them to the garage on Friday, in retrospect.


We’ll see what the plan is for today – Carrie had planned a party, but I’m not sure what the roads are like near her, so I don’t know if that’s still on or not.

ETA: Just found out that my county has declared a state of emergency due to the snow (and the morons who decided that they HAAAAAD to go out in it), so it looks like even if the party goes on, we won’t be there.  No non-emergency driving allowed.  🙁

8 comments to Snowpocalypse!

  • It’s still coming down here, not sure if ours will reach the extent of yours. Most likely, it won’t. But that’s a lot of snow!

  • bezzie

    We got about a quarter of that…6″. Woot.

    And um, I’m from Alaska, and I don’t know what chains on tires sound like. But I can tell you exactly what studded tires sound like 😉

  • Amanda

    “State of Emergency?” From the looks of it, I think we got a little more than you – I wonder if we have one. Hmm.
    I haven’t lived here long enough to be accepting of this lack of ability of people to function. This is ridiculous.

    Be safe. You know about the morons.

  • We got a good solid 5″ here, and it was no big deal. That said, if I still had my Jetta, I would not have made it out of my neighborhood yesterday to be at work at 10. Yay, new RAV4 with all-wheel drive! I kept expecting to slide and not even having a tiny little wiggle.

    I love snowstorms. They’re great under any circumstances, but even better when you don’t have anywhere you need to go and can just stay inside and enjoy. I really missed this while we lived in Cali. LOVE!!!

  • Jo

    I love the picture of the maple tree! Willow was a little disappointed that we couldn’t make a snowman -it was just too dry, but we had lots of fun rough-housing and playing tag in the snow.

  • Wow! That’s so pretty! I can say that though, because I didn’t get any of it down here. =P

  • Yorkie

    MD got about this much snow when we lived in Crofton…think it was 95 or 96? And the entire state shut down, rightfully so. No one REALLY believed it would happen, but it did. Up in Western MD, however, this sort of snow happens every 4 days, and they can handle it. I got snowed in more than once at Frostburg.

    We’ve been getting a lot of schnee lately, but it’s been MAYBE 6 inches. Again, they know how to handle it…makes a huge difference.

  • Is it weird that I’m jealous? We just got OMGTHEWORLDISENDING wind!