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It wasn’t me!

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It wasn't me!
I know most of you will find that hard to believe, but it wasn’t me who edited this sign at my local grocery store.

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It wasn’t me!

10 comments to It wasn’t me!

  • Ahhh…the misused apostrophe….a sad sight, but one that is seen more and more in this day and age!

  • Jo

    I’m always tempted to do that myself!

  • bezzie

    Oh but you KNOW you wanted to! (And I’ll bet you didn’t use a tissue either…muhahahahahahahah!)

  • I keep a sharpie in my purse for just this reason… I also would have further edited the sign so that last bit was right as well.

  • I’m surprised it doesn’t say THANK’S for your co-operation!

  • Dot

    In my grocery store the other day:

    “Tomatoe $.69/lb!”

    …the checkout guy, the manager and the produce manager. I couldn’t walk away from that one!

  • LOL Love it! 😀

  • Yorkie

    It was me!

    JK. I do correct things all the time. I too wield a Sharpie without fear.

    One time at the last school where I was teaching, some student had made a spirit poster for homecoming and had written like 50 times, all round the border, “LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO…” Every time I saw it, I considered just standing there for about 20 minutes putting in all the abandoned apostrophes…

  • If you keep a Sharpie with you at all times, you should also carry White-Out for unnecessary quotation marks. Like “Fresh” Produce.

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