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And Then There Were Five

Five what?

TATTOOS!  I went today and got myself two new ones.  One of them, I’ve been planning and plotting and debating for about two years, and the other was an inspiration from about a week ago.

First – a green and purple dragonfly on my left arm.  This should shock no one.  😀

New Tattoo #1

I actually drew it, and I’m pretty proud of it, considering what a crappy job I do drawing pretty much anything. Obviously, this was the one I’ve been plotting.

Number two is the sudden inspiration.  As you may remember, I went to see “Wicked” over Memorial Day weekend.  It was a really, really amazing experience.  I’ve collected Wizard of Oz stuff since high school, and I’ve always loved the movie.  When I found out about Wicked (the book), I HAD to read it.  I loved it (although I know it’s not for everyone).  When I heard about the musical, I was thrilled.  I bought the cd as soon as it was released, and I’ve had it memorized since not long after that.  The song “Defying Gravity” has always spoken to me.

Here’s the performance from the Tony Awards:

There is just something about the lyrics.  So, I decided to get myself a little reminder of the sentiment in the song, in my handwriting:

New Tattoo #2

I am THRILLED with both of them.  I got them at Jinx Proof Tattoos in Georgetown, which was also where I went to get my nose pierced almost two years ago.  It’s a great shop, and I had a terrific experience with Tim, who did my work today.  He’s REALLY nice, very friendly, and made me feel really comfortable.  There is very possibly a #6 in my future, and I’d go back to him in a hearbeat.

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