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Greetings from London!

Oh, you didn’t know I was in London? Well, hell, neither did I!

So, I’m sitting here last night, watching tv and reorganizing the music on my laptop, when an email pops up on my phone from Potterknitter.  “Ok, just checking. Are you really in London?? If so, sorry I was rude and signed off. If not, then your Facebook has been hacked!”

Wait, what?  Crap.

So, I log on to my Facebook page, and as I am doing that, another email pops up from teamau44 (another knitting buddy, who I’ve never met in person) “You’re not in London are you???”  And then my phone rings – my friend Donna, who I’ve known since high school.  By this point, I have gotten on to Facebook, and I can see the chats in my window, so I just answered the phone with “Nope.  Not in London.”  She laughed, and we chatted a moment about it.

So, I look at the chat windows as I am frantically changing my password.  This person picked four people from my friends list and opened chats with them, claiming I was in London and had been mugged at gunpoint.  When Donna asked about Kris, they said he’d been shot in the arm.  So, since they had stolen my money, my credit cards, and my phone, I was supposedly looking for someone to send me money so that I could settle the hotel bill before flying home the next day.

First, if I’d been mugged in London, the first place I’d go for help?  NOT FREAKING FACEBOOK!

Second, the only one of the four people they contacted who I might turn to in an emergency (Donna) would KNOW if I was in London.  The others are knitting friends who I know online, and an old college friend I haven’t seen in probably 12-15 years.  Not really prime asking-for-money-type friends.

Happily, no one fell for it (I have smarter friends than that), I changed my password, and all seemed well.  I vented about it a little, and Val posted a link to a story about the same thing happening elsewhere.  I thought, well, this should probably get reported, at least so they have a record of things going on.

I searched around on FB to find the appropriate link (not terribly easy to find, BTW), and filled out their little form.  There was nowhere on this form to indicate what had happened beyond “My account was hacked”.  I assumed I would hear from them, and that I would be able to explain the situation, and let them know what had happened, but that I had regained control of my account.  So, I went to bed, figuring the situation was resolved.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I opened up the laptop this morning, and as is my usual routine, opened up tabs for Ravelry, the Knittyboard, and Facebook.  That’s when I see the lovely message that my FB account has been “disabled”.


I followed their link, emailed the address they gave, explained the situation, and now?  I wait.  And hope that when they DO reinstate my account, I haven’t lost all of my info.  Because truly, if I have?  I’m not going to bother rebuilding it.  I’ll try to get my friends list back, but I’m not going to redo everything else, just in case this happens again.

The lesson here?  If your FB page gets hacked, don’t report it, or you’ll end up with further headaches because FB doesn’t allow you to explain before suspending your account.


And now, I will close with a quote from one of the all-time literary greats:

“This must be Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” – Arthur Dent, in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

18 comments to Greetings from London!

  • bezzie

    Lame!!! No offense to Londoners, but if I’m going to fake a scammy vacation, I want to go to Rome. 😉

    Here’s hoping you get everything back nice and normal!

  • Dude- that’s just crap. I don’t think FB is easy to navigate at all, so I imagine trying to get to ‘customer service’ isn’t a blast. Good luck!

  • Well, at least you didn’t wake up this morning to find your house being bulldozed!

    I really need to read that book again, it’s been too long.

  • Oh, and you need to update your “About Me” in the upper left corner. The “and some fish” part need to be changed to “and many bottles of booze.”


    You lush.

  • Holy crap! I don’t even know what to say.

    Glad you figured out what was going on and that your friends are smart cookies.

  • Wow. Amazing. Glad you got control back but hopefully they turn your account back on.

  • Jo

    Yikes! I hope it sorts itself out soon.

  • Audrey S.

    There are things I love about Facebook, but it’s administration and some of its operating policies and procedures are NOT among them. Changing my password in your honor!

  • Denise Diaz

    Unfreakenbelievable!!!!!!!!! I love it when you say “Not freaken facebook”, that is something I would say. I am so glad that it was a lie and that you and Kris are safe and sound in Bowie:)

  • Ugh, what a headache!! I hope it gets resolved soon for ya.

  • Ugh. I think I’m going to go change my password again.

  • Kevin and I spent some fun time trying to figure out questions to ask to verify. But not after a little musing on the lines of, no phone, no credit card, but facebook access hmmmm. Then there’s the obvious Called the police yet?
    I too think it’s time to change a few passwords.

  • It’s definitely Thursday. I even made it to knitting for 45 minutes… That’s when you know it’s a crazy day.

    So sorry you have to get put through the hacker ringer, sweety. *hugs*

  • Steve

    I saw this on the Consumerist. Someone was talking to a fake friend and told them he’d send the money through Paypal because it’s the fastest way. Print it out on any color printer and it’s real money. They didn’t fall for it though.

  • Oh, my freaking god!!! I had a very, very strange IM that evening with someone who wanted me to send them $$$ for a hotel room. I declined to do so saying that I just didn’t have the money. Fortunately, I have the chat transcript. I’ll send it to you by email.

  • Carrie

    Aaaaand I dislike facebook again. Every now and then I wonder if having facebook is worth it. As I sometimes find, it’s looking like no.

    For the record, though, I’m really glad you and Kris were NOT mugged in London. Though maybe you would’ve been lucky enough to be near the one remaining police phone box left in the city (according to the peeps on Who Knits).

  • Unbelievable! I always wonder, if you’re smart enough to figure out how to hack into people’s accounts, why the hell around you doing stupid crap like this? Bummer that FB suspended your account without getting any details! Hope you get it back soon!