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Grammar FAIL

Do you see this?

Let me zoom in a little.

Thank you so much, Hollywood, for not even freaking PROOFREADING YOUR OPENING TITLES.  Basic grammar, people.  It’s just not that difficult.  “It’s” = it is.  “Its” = belonging to it.


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8 comments to Grammar FAIL

  • I just saw on a “The Bus” sign this morning– “Driver’s cannot make change.” The driver’s WHAT cannot make change?? The driver’s brain? The driver’s hands? Don’t use a possessive!!!!

  • bezzie

    I always pause with its and it’s. For a good laugh check out the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks. Its hilarious.

    (Hahahahahahah! I couldn’t help myself!)

  • I just hate those! I don’t understand why people don’t just do the easiest thing – skip it entirely? It’s much easier to not add punctuation than add it when it doesn’t need to be there! And the quote thing is really really dumb too.

  • Mary

    What show or movie was this?

  • Ah, yes. Reminds me of the softball facility in Panama City. Don’t remember? http://hpwt.blogspot.com/2008/03/apostrophes-r-us.html

  • FPS. Nothing jerks a knot in my knickers more than bad punctuation. (So sez the queen of the ellipsis…)

  • I learned that one in first grade. I was trying to correct what the teacher had written on the chalkboard and telling her that she forgot the apostrophe in the possessive form of its, thinking I was all badass and that she was surely going to tell me, in front of my peers, that I was smarter than she was.

    No, she told me why I was wrong, and made me feel like a total jackass (which I deserved) and I never forgot it. Humbling lessons like that tend to stay with ya.

  • That stuff just drives me nuts! (Or should I say nut’s?)

    My favorite was last summer when I was at Walmart. I was there to pick up a box fan and, there on the shelves, were several signs that said, “More box’s in the back”. Apparently, you don’t need to know much to work at Wallyworld…