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Three Steps Forward, Two (Painful) Steps Back

So, I spent my afternoon in the emergency room, you?

It started yesterday while I was working out like a good girl.  My left foot was bothering me.  I figured I had just done something, and it would work itself out.

I woke up this morning, and it was ok.  By the time I was done with lunch at East Moon with Kris and our friends Irene and Jaime, it was bothering me again.  Kris and I ran by the grocery store, and it was KILLING me.  So, we decided I needed to get it looked at.  I was worried we were looking at a stress fracture or something.

After we dropped off the groceries, we went over to the local ER (We don’t really have an urgent care around here that I’ve found, or I’d have gone there).  After waiting for a ridiculously long time, I got called back .  The doctor examined my foot, which only hurts if I put weight on it toward the inside.  They took some x-rays, but didn’t see anything.  So, they think it is plantar fasciitis.  I’m not 100% convinced, because the description of where the pain appears is not right at all – my heel is fine.  It hurts the side of my foot.  Also, they say PF hurts more in the morning and less as the day goes on.  For me, it just hurts when I step on it.  Doesn’t really matter, since they didn’t do anything but write me a prescription for Motrin anyway.   Whether that’s what it is or not, I’m guessing the pain is being caused my my tennis shoes not having enough support for my obnoxiously high arches.  So, now the walking and workouts are on hold until I can get a better pair of shoes, and possibly some additional arch supports if needed.  And I was doing REALLY well, too, dammit.  I have to let my yoga teacher know when I go tomorrow, too, just so she can warn me if I’m going to be doing anything painful.  (And yes, if the shoes don’t seem to help, I’ll make an appointment with my regular doctor, who will hopefully pay a little more attention when I specifically say WHERE and WHEN it hurts.)

The really annoying thing?  The information they gave me on PF suggests losing weight if you are heavy.  Dammit, that’s how this HAPPENED!

Oh, and while I was in the exam room waiting for them to come back with the xray results, I decided to be all Penny Karma and took this:


Nice work, guys.

And I took this the other day from the car.


Is it just me, or does the “and you” in smaller print underneath seem a little… begrudging? Like “Yeah, well, ok, you too. I suppose. If it HAS to be that way.”

And yes, I know I’m going to hell.  🙂

18 comments to Three Steps Forward, Two (Painful) Steps Back

  • Youch!! I’ve had that before! Did they tell you to ice it or tape the arch area? I had to do that. Um..er..not a good thing about the gloves…hmm..as for the sticker, yeah kinda a waste I think.

  • Hehe. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought when I looked at that bumper sticker, too. Sorry about your foot. I had a similar issue a few years back and it was no fun.

  • Sorry about your foot. That bumper sticker definitely has a ‘well ok I GUESS he died for you too..(insert long suffering sigh)’ vibe to it.

  • Yorkie

    I think the “and you” is an attempt at humble witnessing.

    Still, it’s better than this sign I once saw on a marquee in England. It was a horrible attempt to use text-speak to reach a wider audience:

    “If u cum 2 God, God wil cum 2 u”

    It really said that.

    BTW, get thee to a podiatrist. A good one can construct inserts for your shoes to ease the strain. I saw one who actually did a VERY mild form of electrical shock therapy on my arches…worked a charm. I had metatarsal tunnel syndrome…like carpal tunnel but in your foot. He made some inserts, and the problem went away within 6 months.

  • Jo

    Pam – I had PF before – and a bone spur that was point out toward the outer left part of my left heel, so I guess it might be possible you have one pointed toward the right side? I had lots of PT and ultrasound therapy on my foot and heel and it healed.

  • amanda

    I second Yorkie, seriously. If you have high arches (I do, too), having the right shoes and inserts will not only help you heal faster, but help keep you from having this – and other – problems again.

    {{hugs}} hon – take it easy!!

  • Yeah, PF is mainly ouchie in the morning, because the tendons tense up and ‘harden’ over night, and you hurt them when you step out of bed because you are trying to stretch it and they are saying NO! it doesn’t sound like that…

  • Ouch! Hope the foot feels better soon! Isn’t it nice when you spend all that time in the ER, and all they do is give you something you could’ve gotten at the drugstore fifty hours earlier? Oh, and that’ll be $900 please. *rolleyes*

    LOL on the pics! That last one reminds me of a comedy routine I saw once – the performer was mocking athletes who thank God in their victory speeches (“Thank you God, for loving us more than the other team…”).

  • Here’s hoping for a quick recovery!!

  • Sunnyknitter

    Feel better soon and remember: All the fun people will be with you in hell!

  • Just feel better quick! If it indeed were an issue concerning weight,,, then I feel for ya girl! I’ve got more aches and pains in my legs the past few weeks,, and all the drs tell me is “keep on walking for the exercise” and “lose weight”. Either way, they are both not happening quickly enough.

    Just get better fast!

  • ow!! I hope you’re back on your (pain free) toes soon!!!

    (Jesus loves you. But I’m his favorite)

  • Foot pain, I know thee well. I’ve been experiencing random cramping in my feet for years now. It was happening a lot this past year. It’s like an arch cramp only not an arch cramp. It makes my toes snap shut and it happens when I sit down, especially in the car–but only when I wear the tennis shoes I bought last winter. Doesn’t happen when I’m in cowboy boots or slippers.

    One day, by accident, I figured out that if I tie them too tightly, the back of the shoe compresses funny on my achilles tendon, and causes something weird to happen in my foot. Push on the tendon area, cramp. Release, no cramp. Tilt my foot so the pressure releases, cramp releases.

    I’m in the market for some NEW new shoes. Maybe you have a similar issue.

    I’m buying some NEW new shoes with a lower

  • Oh Good Gravy! Your foot? I hope your regular Doc figures it out. It sounds like you have a mystery on you…uh…foot.

  • Mag

    Irksome to have an injury so early into a resolve. (been there!) Hopefully it will heal up soon. If it doesn’t, it wouldn’t hurt for your doc to send you to an orthopedic doc. Mr. Mag has a weird foot thing,(neuroma) that acts up all the time. I have a chronic thing that felt like a stress fracture at first, but then resolved and comes back on a regular basis with excess weight or the wrong shoes.
    When you can, try on some Addias, not the flat stylish ones, the cross trainer type. They have excellent support and room in the toe box. I have super high arches too and very fussy feet that are happy in Addias cross trainers. Foot problems are a big deal as we get older, especially if like me and Mr. Mag, you’ve spent your life with too much weight pounding down on them. The ligaments and tendons lose their elasticity and strength as we age.

  • etcgirl

    It can be PF – ask me how I know. Best thing you can do for yourself is get a ref to a good orthopoedist, spend the dough, and get some orthotics made. You won’t hurt (after a while of wearing them that you can give your PF to heal, that is) and you will get your moving mojo back.

    Good luck, babe.

  • willo

    what also helps alot is not walking barefoot on any hard surface especially for extended periods of time. They also make a foot brace you can wear at night to keep the foot in correct positions to heal the tendons and facia. Its gonna take some time to heal but Deal with the pain and keep walking, it WILL be worth it.

  • That’s why I don’t like to exercise. So many people get hurt that way!