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With Apologies…

…to my Raven-fan friends.

And thanks to Hockeymom for finding it. 😀

Now, I just need to decide what to make for the Super Bowl party (conveniently at my Phoenix-native friend Irene’s house) – Primanti-style sandwiches, perhaps?  😀

5 comments to With Apologies…

  • bezzie

    I have no idea who I’m rooting for.
    Normally we go for the team with the Colorado State alumni. Which would be the Cardinals this year.
    BUT! Clark Haggans spent 7 years with the Steelers and is with the Cardinals now. What are the chances???

    I am glad it’s a west coast east coast superbowl though!

  • Woo! We’re gonna par-tay… we’re gonna…

    Oh. ‘Scuse me. Got carried away there.

    Go Steelers.

  • I’ll have to show J. I’m sure his friend with the huge projection screen will be hosting the super bowl. I’ll have to scrounge up some Steelers gear. 🙂

  • amy

    You need the polka. No, really. This song is OK, but the Polka is still where it’s at!

    Hey, did you get my emailed stripe question?

  • We here at Casa Black n’ Gold agree with you Amy, the Steeler Polka is where it’s at. And it beats the Muppet song about Polamalau from the last Super Bowl.